Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Easier than I thought.....

 7:27 am - Tuesday - March 28th - GNHS - 47° F, humidity 36%, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 77° F.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I arrived at Cedar Key, FL for the first time.......↴

It seems I most often approach the final push to get the trailer organized for VW insertion with concern about how long it will take me to accomplish the tasks I wished to accomplish in the time allotted.  In almost every case I get everything done way ahead of when I expected, and as that realization settles into my brain I relax and begin to enjoy the process.  Monday was no exception to that pattern.

My meager goal for the day was to stow the 'lido deck' umbrella, stow our three bicycles, stow my 'back machine', stow the items on the table at the rear of the trailer, and stow the camp and and gravity chairs.  Frankly, I had that all that done before noon time.  In my mind it seemed like an all day thing.  It is possible that my mind always rewinds to all those simple projects which took 3 times longer than they should have, which I fondly refer to as 'The Hockwald Way', and that is why I always think this process will take longer than I hope.  Certainly, and I must remember this in the future, I have the advantage in this regard to having done this about 100 times over the past 11 years, so it should come as no surprise to me that it never takes as long as I imagine....

The table is gone, and that stuff on the floor will move to the front of the trailer when we are ready to haul anchor

Bicycles stowed

Those tool bags will move to the floor in front of the bicycles

The 'lido deck' is beginning to look a little bare

The camp, and anti gravity chairs stowed

.....all that remains is to move the tools bags off the table (pictured above) to the floor in front of the bikes, stow the table, drag the artificial turf into the trailer, and then insert the VW.  Most people who look inside the trailer will not believe that I can make room for not only the VW, but the turf.  There was a point a few weeks ago when even I had my doubts, but here we are just about ready to do just that.

Tuesday will be spent taking down all of the 'yard lights', and they are legion....lol.  I'm sure I'll have it done by noon....we'll see.

On the Starlink front, ours continues to work quite well, and continues to exceed our expectations.  It has been about 7 months since we set it up for the first time, and to date there have been ZERO glitches.  The RV price is going from $135/month to $150/month effective April, but it is still an amazing, game changer deal for us, for which we are extremely grateful.

On the Wuhan flu front, TLE and I continue to be asymptomatic to it, or any other type of flu, or cold.  Our biggest issue is allergies....lol!  I'm trying to remember the last time either of us was sick.....it has been a long, long time.

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