Friday, March 31, 2023

Ahead of time, and alive.....

 7:42 am - Friday - March 31st - Woodstock, GA - 53° F, humidity 79%, wind 6 mph out of the southeast.....cloudy with a chance of rain today, and a forecast high of 76° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were at Solvang Brewing Company in Lompoc, CA.......↴

I left off in yesterday's missive with us arriving safely at the International Airport in Atlanta, GA around 7 am.  This airport is gigantic....certainly the largest airport I have ever had to navigate.  Our Frontier Airlines flight #2000 disembarked at gate E-8 on the International side of the airport, however, our checked bags would be retrieved on the domestic side of the airport at #6 conveyor....a 'short' 10 minute, high speed monorail ride away....can you imagine how long it would take to walk that?

Our checked bags took quite a bit longer to catch up with us....about 45 minutes!  Once the conveyor belt began to move TLE's bag came out pretty quickly, but mine took another 10 minutes....doh!  By the time we walked outside to wait for my son to arrive it was after 8 am, and the airport traffic was crazy.....both arrival and departure traffic comes through the same area....not a good design.

By the time we wended our way north to Tim and Laila's home on numerous local Atlanta thoroughfares it was after 9 am, and we had been awake since 5:30 am Wednesday with a few catnaps thrown in for good measure.....we were both tired, but I was the only one who needed a long nap.

Tim and Laila, along with their two children (Crosby and Bowie) live in Woodstock, GA about 45 minutes north of Atlanta.  The home they bought a year ago is in a beautiful, rural community with large homes.....

Our little ensuite for 5 days

Downstairs - Open concept

The's steepest driveway....they have to back into the driveway otherwise they cannot get their doors open

The neighborhood

....the home Tim and Laila owned when they lived in Ontario, CA was just under 2,000 square feet, and had a tiny, postage stamp sized lot.  This new home is over twice as big at 4,500 square feet, has two stories, and and finished basement, plus a large backyard for half of what they paid for the Ontario home.

After I took my 90 minute nap we headed out for an early lunch to a place called the 'Fickle Pickle'.....they make their own pickles, and have a wonderful menu.  We ordered a couple of plates of their deep fried pickles...yum.....

Alfresco at the 'Fickle Pickle'...left to righ: Dolly (Laila's grandmother), Laila, Jennifer (Laila's mother), Bowie, Tim, Crosby, TLE and moi

The Deep Fried Pickles

.....most of us ordered their Horseradish Beef sandwich, and it is just as good as you might imagine!  TLE ordered their Cubano.....the deep fried pickles and sandwiches were delish!

After lunch we walked around the downtown area, did a little browsing in an antique (junk) store, and then headed for home where I took another 90 minute nap.  After this second 90 minute nap I began to feel human once again.

Our first day in Georgia was a whirlwind, and my body is still adjusting to losing 3 hours.  When I went bed at 9:30 pm it felt more like 6:30 pm.

On a side note.....we have never flown Frontier Airlines before.  I chose them because they had the best round trip price, but what I did not know is that unlike other airlines you do NOT get one free checked bag per person.  Our two rolling suitcases are a tad too big to do 'CARRY ON', so we check them.  The round trip cost to check our two bags was over $200 extra.  If you do a carry on bag (smaller) it is $128 round trip per bag.  There are no free snacks and drinks on the can buy them, and the prices are reasonable.  You are allowed one free 'personal item' (purse, computer case, very small bag).  Additionally, in order to get an assigned seat prior to your flight (we like to sit together) you have to pay to do so....another $200+, which we did.  There are no frills on the USB jacks, no WiFi, no reclining seats (serious), a very, very small tray on the back of the seat in front of you.  There is, however, a tad more leg room, and the seats are actually a little more comfortable, and they do have  In the end it cost us about what Southwest, or United would have charged. Will we fly Frontier again.....probably not.  They did deliver us to Atlanta ahead of time, and alive, so they've got that going for them.

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