Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Hat trick!!!

 7:15 am - Tuesday - March 7th - Glamis North Hot Springs, CA - 50° F, humidity 54%, wind 5 mph out o fthe west by northwest.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 70° F.  On this date in 2020 I removed our 38 year old water heater in preparation for the installation of our new Girard tankless water heater, which, by the way, is still performing flawlessly 3 years later......↴

Monday dawned with heavy cloud cover, which gave way later in the day to partly cloudy conditions.  I was only supposed to get to 65° F Monday, but it felt more like 75.  Monday was the day I had set aside in my mind to finish cleaning out the rest of the bad plywood flooring in the bathroom so I could make a template to use in cutting the new piece of plywood to fit the space.  I began the work around 10 am, and finished around 1 pm.  Cleaning out the rest of the cancerous wood was really the easy part.  Making the cardboard template was 10 times more difficult than I expected, but, of course, there is always 'The Hockwald Way' to account for that, right?  Before cutting the template I spent time, vaccuming out the space, then measuring everything....

All the cancer is excised

If you look closely (click on picture to enlarge) you can see 
the measurements of each area on the metal subfloor

.....after a lot of mind numbing adjustments I finally came away with a suitable template to use in tracing out the pattern on the 2' x 4' piece of oak plywood......

.....I then applied it to the 2' x 4' piece of oak plywood.......

....all that remains now it to cut it out, and then fit it to the space.  I will have to cut the fitted piece into two pieces to install it, and that will happen Tuesday, God willing, and the river don't rise.

After 3 hours of being on my knees it was time to relax, and then head down to the hot pools for 40 minutes to soak my poor, tired knees around 3 pm.  I had the large hot pool all to myself, but just about the time I was geting ready to leave a bunch of old folks came for a soak.....good timing on my part!  I know, I know.....I'm old, too, but I don't feel as old as they looked.....lol.

TLE prepared stir fry for dinner, and surprised me with some hot Sake to chase the great food.....she is the best!  For the third consecutive evening we headed out to the 'lido deck', this time for a round of Backgammon.  You might recall that I was going for the 'hat trick' Monday night having won at Yahtzee on Saturday night, and 'Phase 10' on Sunday night.  The dice, and my decision making went my way on this night, with me winning 3, of the first 4 games.  Normally we play 5 games, with the 5th game usually being the tie breaker, but TLE surrended after just 4 games on this evening.  It is my first career 'hat trick' at anything.....lol!

I received a call from Charles, my brother-in-law, around 7:30 pm advising me that he had purchased a Starlink setup for his 5th wheel, but was having trouble getting things to work.  After asking a number of questions I was able to get him past the 'road block' and the 'Dishy' began to work.  By the bye.....Charles and Phyllis (TLE's sister) are coming for a 6 day visit this Sunday!

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