Friday, March 3, 2023

Soaking again.....

 7:25 am - Friday - March 3rd - GNHS - 44° F, 69% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the southeast....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 67° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I had new 'shoes' put on the front of the Newell.....↴

We were back to work Thursday.  There were no advance bookings so we opened at 9 am as we always do on such days.  There was no walkup business on this day, which is not surprising as there are very few people in the park right now, but there were a couple of inquiries.  Since it had rained Tuesday the UTV's all needed to be wiped down again, so I took care of that first.  After that was done I drove KRX #10 down to the fuel station to top off her fuel tank, and I was was only 10:30 am.  We kept the office open for another 90 minutes, then closed her down as we always do if there are no rentals prior to 12  point charging the boys in Colorado for us to sit there watching the sun move across the sky.

After we closed the office I spent about 30 minutes doing some more cleaning on the rear of the Newell.  I managed to get the back cleaned, and just past the engine bay door on the passenger side before calling it quits.  There is only the section between the passenger side engine bay door, and the passenger side window, and I should be able to get that done Friday.

TLE and I engaged in our fun putting contest for about an hour.  It takes TLE a while to warm up, but by the 3rd, or 4th match she beat me.  I think she's going to do much better in the putting contests at LPG&RVR* this summer!

Thursday was also the 11th day since my last outpatient surgery, and time to take out the 10 running stitches Dr. Jou applied at that time.  They came out easily, and now I am able to soak in the hot springs once again.  Around 3 pm that is just what TLE and I did.....

.....nothing like a hot soak for about 45 minutes to sooth the old joints!

There was no wind Thursday night so we headed out to the 'lido deck' to play a few games of Backgammon.  Of the 5 we played 3 came down to the last roll of the dice, which, on this evening, favored TLE as she took the 'rubber match' to win the evening 3 games to 2.  To make the evening even more special we had our first fire in a few weeks....the perfect end to a delightful day filled with cool temps, lots of sun, and a soak for good measure.

Now that my final stitches have been removed I can set up the golf drive net again, and hit some balls, as well as get my back into shape for golf this summer.

Thanks for stopping by!

*LPG&RVR = Likely Place Golf & RV Resort

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