Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Twists and turns.....

 7:34 am - Wednesday - March 22nd - GNHS - 52° F, humidity 54%, wind 14 mph out of the west by southwest.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 68° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were in Riverside, CA hiking to the top of Mt. Rubidous with our granddaughter Charlise.....↴

We began Tuesday with two advance bookings.  We do not normally work on Tuesdays, but this is 'Spring Break' season, and we need to be available.  We also began Tuesday with a gentle rain, which morphed, at times, into rain of the harder variety.  We were not surprised to get a call at 8:20 am advising us that our 8 am rental customers had deferred their adventure to Thursday when it would be a little dryer, so we had just the 1 pm, 3 hour rental left.  

I hadn't heard from COYNE regarding the #2 RZR (broken reverse chaine), so I called around 9 am to check on its status.  Genarro answered the phone, and advised it was ready for pickup, so I quickly decided to head down to El Centro to get it.  It is a two hour round trip, with say 20 minutes to do the paperwork, and load the RZR, so I figured I could be back at 12 pm, an hour before our 1 pm customer.

I arrived, without incident, at COYNE around 10:40 am, had the RZR loaded by 11 am, and was on my way back to GNHS shortly thereafter, arriving home just before 12 pm....perfect!  Now we have 3 RZRs, and 1 KRX to rent, and if we can get #1 RZR fixed (primary clutch rebuild) by Friday we'll have all four RZRs available.  We're still awaiting the arrival of the #9 KRX replacement transmission.  It is still scheduled to arrived in El Centro around the 26th.

It rained most of the time during my drive to and from El Centro, and was still sprinkling when I arrived back at GNHS.  TLE had pulled the #8 KRX up for our 1 pm customer, so I went about checking air pressures, oil, and air filters, plus did a little detailing of the unit before our customers arrived.  Once they were on their way I drove the COA van and trailer down to the storage yard to drop the trailer, then parked the van in front of the office. Time to take a break!

During the 2+ hours it rained quite hard at times, and I wondered how our customers were doing, and what the KRX would look like when they got back.  They apparently had had enough of the rain, and were back by 3 pm, and the KRX was did I expect...... wasn't the worst I've seen, but bad enough.  Thankfully the muddy clay was not dry, and I was able to get the exterior clean in no time, but the interior was another matter. Nevertheless, by 4 pm I had it clean once again, parked it, and headed inside for the day.  The rain had finally stopped.

I managed to catch the last remnants of Tuesday's sunset for your viewing pleasure....

.....Tuesday turned out to be quite a busy day with unexpected twists and turns, but it turned out just fine.  I even managed to stow away my Black & Decker Workmate® bench, and bench grinder in preparation for VW insertion.

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