Tuesday, March 21, 2023


 6:23 am - Tuesday - March 22nd - GNHS - 56° F, humidity 65%, wind 8 mph out of the west......cloudy with a chance of rain today with a forecast high of 64° F.  On this date in 2019 I repainted the chassis battery bay on the driver side of the Newell......↴

The inevitable day of beginning to dismantle our encampment here at GNHS arrived with a flurry.  Pretty much all of Monday (daylight portion) was spent beginning to take down some things, and stow away other things.  I removed the Edison lights from the popup dinging canopy, I removed the solar LED lights from the umbrella, stowed both the air compressor, and portable firepit in the passenger side engine bay, took down my flag pole, and began the very big task of reorganizing the trailer for VW insertion in the next couple of weeks.  TLE began to remove her oveflow pantry area at the rear of the trailer and find places inside the Newell to store those items.

Just before lunch I decided the black tank needed some attention, so I connected everything needed to dump the tank, then dumped it, flushed it three times, and then put everything away.  I'll only have to do that one more time before we haul anchor.  After that I topped off our fresh water tank to the 150 gallon mark.  The water pressure here is a little low, and we turn on the water pump when we take showers to increase the water pressure....works pretty well, and I only have to refill the fresh water tank every 10 days, or so.

By the end of the day things didn't look too different on the 'lido deck', and inside the trailer, but enough was accomplished to satisfy me.  Over the next couple of days (Tuesday and Wednesday) I'll spend most of my time inside the trailer stowing stuff, and moving things around.

TLE pulled out a couple of filets for me to grill on the Sea-B-Que for dinner.  They came out a perfect medium rare, and TLE provided sides of a baked potato, and sautéed mushrooms......

.....after savoring every single bite I pushed back from the table and declared the dish 'restaurant quality', and it was.

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