Saturday, March 11, 2023


 6:24 am - Saturday - March 11th - GNHS - 60° F, humidity 71%,  wind 3 mph out of the south by southwest......mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 80° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were in downtown Savannah, GA having a late lunch at The Distillery.......↴

Friday was another day without advance bookings, and to begin the day there were very few folks in the park, so we did not expect any walkups, and, once again, our expectations were correct.  I picked up where I left off Thursday by checking the oil, and cleaning the air filters in RZR #'s 1,2 & 4, plus KRX #8.  That took me all of 45 minutes, and I was done with COA work for the day.  All that remained was to be available until 12 pm in case we had a walkup, and then we could get on with the rest of the day.  

It has been getting warmer each day this week, and the overnight lows are pretty high (high 50's, low 60's) so there is this feeling of warmth even in the early morning air.  On Friday, for the first time in months we did not turn on any heaters, and our windows were already open at 7 am.....that is a marked change.  As I sit here at 6:39 am this morning (Saturday) all of our windows are open, no heaters are on, and it will hit 80° for the first time in months.

The PGA Players Championship is being played at TPC Sawgrass (Florida) this weekend, with 43 of the top 50 golfers in the world in attendance, so we've had that playing in the background since Thursday morning.  Other than a couple of small projects took care of Friday, I did as little as possible for most of the day.  We did head out to the 'lido deck' once again Friday evening to play 'Phase 10'.  The cards favored me this night, and I returned to my winning ways finishing the game one phase ahead of TLE.

It is Saturday as I write, and we do have a couple of advance bookings today, and with the park filling up last night we may get some walkup business....I hope so...I'd rather be busy than sitting around, and we will be sitting around  all day today with people out in the field.  Anyway, time to get dressed, and ready for our customers.

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