Monday, March 27, 2023

Washing fool.....

7:30 am - Monday - March 27th - GNHS - 52° F, humidity 20%, wind 15 mph out of the north by northeast.....feels like 25-30 here.....crystal clear, blue, windy, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were having lunch at Aiken Brewing Company near Augusta, GA.....↴ 

We were open for COA* business at 8 am Sunday hoping for some walkup business before our two advance bookings for 10 am arrived.  There was no walkup business, and the park was quickly emptying as is usual for a typical, non long weekend Sunday morning.  Our advance booking customers arrived a little after 10 am, and were on their way by 10:30 am for four hours of touring pleasure.

Normally, I would have sat down in my anti gravity recliner and began watching the semi finals at the WCG Match Play Tournament in Austin, TX, but I had a lot of work to do of the washing UTVs variety. I still had 3 left over from Saturday, plus the Mule, and for good measure the COA* Chevy van.  Casey, one of our bosses, will be here Thursday to handle the weekend rentals on our behalf while we are in Georgia, and I wanted everything to be clean, and filled with gas when he arrives.  By the time our 4 hour rentals returned at 2:20 pm, and I had washed those final two RZRs I had washed all 5 UTVs, plus the Mule, and Chevy I've got dishwater!  Ultimately, I did get to watch some of the golf tournament.  Sam Burns was the eventual winner winning his final match against Cam Young 6 and 5 (up 6 holes with 5 to play) birdieing 8 of the final 10 holes they played.  Rory McIlroy won the consolation match over Scottie Scheffler on the 17th hole 2 & 1.

Once again our rentals returned without any broken drive belts, accidents, or breakdowns of any sort.  Really, our main breakdowns have been the broken drive belts.  We had the one broken reverse chain, and the broken transmission, which was really not a breakdown as they returned to the office, but it was an accident.

We returned to the 'lido deck Sunday night for another round of Yahtzee.  TLE won the first 3 games handily, and I then rebounded and won the next 3 in squeakers.  What we do now when we tie 3 all is add up our total scores for all six games.....TLE beat me by almost 200!

We now have two days (Monday and Tuesday) to complete the trailer organization for VW insertion, and to take down most of our yard lights, including the ones on the palm trees around the parking lot, before our Wednesday departure for Georgia.  As I write the wind is howling, so working inside the trailer will be the first order of business until the wind abates later today.

On the 'March Madness' front the final four is now determined.....Florida Atlantic - #9 seed, San Diego State University - #5 seed, University of Miami - #5 seed, and UCONN - #4 far as I can see it is anybody's tournament to 'money' is on #9 FAU to win it all!  The last #2 seed in the tournament, Texas, was upset by #5 the upsets continue at record pace.  

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*COA = Colorado Outback Adventures

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