Friday, March 17, 2023


8:20 am - Bacon Friday - March 17th - GNHS - 59° F, humidity 38%, wind 5 mph out of the north.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 75° F.  On this date in 2018 we were watching a Wittmann, AZ sunset.....↴

Woke up to computer problems this morning....."NO HARD DISC FOUND".....NOT GOOD!  However, I opened up the back of my Lenovo laptop (the first time since I've owned it), pulled out the harddrive, cleaned the connections, then reseated it several times.  Put it back together, turned it on, and it found the hard disc, and booted up to my home screen.  WHEW!!!  Guess it is time to order another laptop....I've had this one for 8 years, and it has worked well until this morning.  At any rate, I need to get dressed for work at 9 am, and will have to get back to you later in the day.

11:20 am - Bacon Friday - March 17th - GNHS - 68° F, humidity 29%, wind 5 mph out the northwest......still partly cloudy, and the forecast high is still 75° F.

I've been thinking about updated my laptop situation from my current Lenovo for a few months now, so I am going to take this warning shot across the bow as a warning to get my butt in gear and source a new, more modern laptop.  At this time I have to say this Lenovo (refurbished) has been the best laptop I've ever had, but I would love one with a touch screen, and with the ability to be used as a laptop, or tablet.

There were no walkup customers Thursday, but we did have 3 advance bookings for all four of our remaining UTVs.  All four UTVs were returned ahead of schedule, and unscathed.  I received a call from Genarro at COYNE in the afternoon advising the issue with the #2 RZR was a broken reverse chain, which is a known problem with RZRs, so it wasn't the result of abuse by the customer.  Genarro advised it would be fixed in 'a couple of day's, so, hopefully, I can retrieve it on Monday.  I ended up washing all four UTVs Thursday (the 3 RZRs two times each), and finished with the KRX around 5:30 pm.

Thursday was also the last day of Charles and Phyllis' sojourn here at GNHS, so we got together for dinner around 6 pm, and played a few games of Yahtzee.  Charles won the first, and I the next two.....the Houghtaling sisters were shut out.  As I have often remarked, Yahtzee is about 95+% luck, so it is not reflection on the skill of either.

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