Saturday, March 4, 2023

She's a survivor....

 6:28 am - Saturday - March 4th - GNHS - 45° F, humidity 70%, wind 4 mph out of the southeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecat high of 70° F.  On this date in 2022 we were boondocking 8 miles outside of Borrego Springs in the Anza Borrego Desert....↴

.....and I wrote this...."Sometimes the beauty of the Anza Borrego Desert overwhelms my senses. I find myself just staring at the 360° view, and wondering why I am so blessed to live this nomadic life. My former workaday life seems so far's almost as if that life was someone else's life. Then I realize it was someone else's.....I'm no longer that person".  Almost poetic.

When we went to bed Thursday night there were no bookings for Friday, but when we awoke at 7 am Friday there was a booking for 10 am for one of the KRXs for a four hour!  I'm glad it was not for 8!  Right now the sun is rising around 6:06 am, but on March 12th DST will return, and sunrise will be at 6:57 am, almost an hour later....I hate DST!

The park was still pretty empty Friday morning, and we did not expect any walkup business, but at least we had one rental to show for our Friday efforts.  They returned a little after 2 pm with smiles upon their faces, and why not?  They didn't have to call for a 'rescue', and they didn't break anything, plus they thoroughly enjoyed their adventure....the perfect customers.

Kyle was able to install the new electric fan in KRX #8 with a little help from moi, and then took it for a 20 minute spin in the desert to make sure the new fan worked as it should, and it did, so now we are back to 'full' strength with 2 KRXs and 4 RZRs to rent.  It is a good thing as we have 2 KRXs going out on Saturday.....whew!

UPS delivered the new watchband I ordered for my Casio Quartz diver watch about a week ago when I discovered a tear in it.  I've had this watch since 1991, and this is only the 4th time I've had to replace the band.  As the years pass it is getting more difficult to find this replacment watchband, so I ordered 2 of them this time.....

New watchband installed

....I remember seeing this watch at COSTCO back in the summer of 1991, and fell in love with it at first sight.  It is still my favorite watch, and I wear it almost every day.  Considering it is 32 years old, it is still in remarkable shape, hence I am remarking.  I guess she could officially be called a 'survivor' now.

TLE and I headed out to the 'lido deck' once again Friday night to play Yahtzee.  On this night the dice favored moi and I won 4 out of 6 games.  Upon reentering the Newell we decided to watch the first episdoe of season 44 of Survivor (it recorded Wednesday night).  As always, they change it up just enough to keep it interesting, and we enjoyed it.  I think Jeff Probst must live full time in Fiji!

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