Wednesday, March 29, 2023

One last one....

 6:41 am - Wednesday - March 29th - GNHS - 54° F, 46% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the southwest.....crystal clear, blue, windless, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 72° F. On this date in 2013 TLE and I arrived near Ashville, NC at an RV park on the French Broad was raining, obviously.......↴

TLE and I began Tuesday taking down 5 strands of solar lights from the palm trees surrounding the COA parking lot, and then the two strands of rope lights on the COA office itself.  I next changed attachments on my Torro leaf blower to use the vacuum attachment to vacuum the artificial turf.  Haven't done that in a while, and, wow, I picked up a lot of dust and pine needles.  Need to do that a tad more often.

There were no advance bookings when we began our day, but we got a call at 11:30 am from Kyle advising we had some customers walking down to the office to sign up for a 4 hour rental beginning at 1 pm....there's always one!  We had to quickly change hats, and get into UTV rental folk mode.  By 1 pm they had begun their 4 hour tour, and I set about blowing out all the air filters on the units not being rented.  Additionally, I opened up the clutch housings on RZRs #1 & 2 to blow the dust out of them.  Our customers returned about an hour early declaring they had a blast, but the wife had had enough happens more often than one might imagine.

I quickly washed the #5 RZR, topped off the half empty fuel tank, then blew out the air filter before parking it.  While I was doing that TLE discovered a nail in the left rear tire of RZR #4.  It was a long nail, probably 3-4 inches long, so there was no doubt in my mind that when I pulled it out the tire would begin leaking air, and that is just what happened.  I fetched tire plugging tools, and had the hole plugged in a few minutes....glad I found that before we left on our trip.

After closing the COA office TLE and I changed into our swimsuits, and walked over to the hot pools for an end of day soak....a nice way to end a day, but our day was far from over.  We got back to the Newell around 5:30 pm, and were eating dinner within 20 minutes.  After dinner we began to finalize the packing of our suitcases for our trip to Atlanta.  That took us another hour.

We'll be leaving soon for our drive into Ontario, CA where we will hop on a plane at the Ontario International Airport, not far from where we used to live, for our flight to Atlanta. Our flight departs at 10:09 pm tonight, so we'll spend the day visiting with our children, and grand children....they're on Spring Break. When we get back next Monday we'll have exactly one week left working for COA, and then it is off to LPG&RVR!

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