Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Amazon......

If we work 'til December 23rd there are 12 days of Amazon left on our calendar.  If we are released December 16th then we have 7 work days left....either way, the number is shrinking, and we are moving toward the light!  We found out a few days ago that we will not be working a 6th 10 hour day, but we are scheduled to work 5 twelve hour days next week.....I would rather do that and have 2 days off than work 6 straight days.  Of course, all of that is subject to change......we could just be working 5 ten hour days next week, or just 4 ten hour days.  Everyone says things are slower this year than in past years.  

I slept until 11am Thursday, which turned out to be heavily overcast all day, but not very cold.  There are still puddles of rain on the ground from our Tuesday rain storm, and more rain is forecast for the next 4 days.

We didn't do much Thursday except catch up on our recorded TV shows....X Factor, Castle, etc.  

Work Thursday night/Friday morning was the same old, same old.  My mind is getting tired of focusing on very small ASIN (Amazon Specific Indentification Numbers) numbers.  A lot of the time now S's look like 5's, Z's look like S's, and Q's look like 0's, etc.  I'm starting to get a case of Amazon dyslexia.......37 looks like 73 a lot to me lately......:D  The second night of any shift always is the hardest of the week for me.....I'm not sure mind doesn't really want to dwell on it long enough to figure it out.

One nice thing about working these 10 hour shifts if I sleep like the dead for 6 hours straight before my 63 year old bladder forces me to get up and visit the little boys room.  I'm not even sure if I'm dreaming during that 6 hours stretch.

After I "drained the weasel" around 10:30am it started raining, which put me back to sleep for another hour.  Today, Friday, the weather is balmy, but stormy.  We're going to head over to Greensburg with the gang for lunch in about an hour, and then back to the grind for our 3rd 10 hour day this week.

You know how time seems to go faster the older you get?  You think your grandaughter is only 12 and you find out she's getting married next week, and wonder where the lat 10 yeas went (no, I don't have a grand daughter getting married next week).  Well, if you want to slow the passage of time way down I have a fool proof solution for you.  Ready?  Go to work at Amazon and you will see time slow waaaaay down.....minutes will seem like hours......seriously, it's true!

Just realized that today is Pearl Harbor Day.......a special shout out to those who put their lives on the line every day for us so we can enjoy the life we live, and the liberty we enjoy.  If you are serving, or have served......thank you so much for your service and sacrifice.  Most of us do appreciate what you do, and have done!

Got to take a shower and get ready for lunch.....have a great Friday!

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