Thursday, December 6, 2012


.......defined as rumor, or gossip.  In an organization as large as there is bound to be......there must be.....yes, you expect it......rumors and/or gossip, or scuttlebutt!  More on that later.

Since we went to bed around Midnight I woke up refreshed around 9am.....I was determined to enjoy as much daylight Wednesday as possible.  Thankfully, after a day of mostly rain on Tuesday, Wednesday was the exact opposite, except it was colder......lots of sun, but COLD!  TLE joined me in the awake, conscious world around 10am.  We had plans to go over to BigLots to get some additional ornaments for our micro Xmas tree, and then head off to Betty's for lunch, and the return home in time for a nap before we headed back over to "that building" for another 10 hour shift.

We found exactly what we wanted for the "tree" at BigLots, and I also bought a Remington electric razor.  I haven't used an electric razor since 1985, but since I shaved off my goatee a few months ago I keep nicking my chin where I haven't shaved since the early 90's, and was getting tired of trying to stop the hemorrhaging.  Jim, our Amazon friend, suggested I think about using an electric razor again, so I thought, wth, for $29 I'll give Remington a try.

This is the one I got

Then we headed south to Betty's, which is about 13 miles south of Campbellsville, and also in a different time zone.  We were timing our arrival to be after the lunch rush, and we arrived right in the middle of it.....we thought we were getting there at 1:15, but we arrived there at 12:15, and the place was jumpin'......hahaha!  Betty's is in Central Time, and we are in Eastern Time.  The food  and service were excellent.  TLE had the Ruben again, and I had the Double BLT, getting my bacon fix for the week.  We were in and out of there in 30 minutes or so!  

We got back home just before 2pm, and while TLE added decorations to the Xmas tree, I tried out the new Remington razor.  Wow, I had forgotten how quick and easy it is to use an electric razor.  Sure, I don't get quite as close a shave with the $29 razor, but I will be more inclined to shave more often now, and if I want I can spend more  and get a better one that does shave closer.

The enhanced Xmas tree!

Around 4:45pm we headed over to Amazon for our daily dose of masochism.  We heard from several's the scuttlebutt..... that our gig here may end a week earlier than expected....December 16th, but that the next two weeks we will be working five 12 hour days instead of the 10 hours we are doing now.  I think I like that idea better than six 10 hour least we get 2 days off in between.  Amazon has opened 3 new warehouses within a couple hundred miles of this facility and that may be the reason this facility is not as busy as in past years.  We also learned several other shifts had their mandatory overtime cancelled.

Our shift up in HRV flew by, and I could have worked 12 hours last night easily.  Unfortunately a 12 hour day means I will now be sleeping until at least 1, or 2pm now, and the day will get even shorter, but, hey, we can do anything for 2 more weeks.  Since some of the other mandatory overtime shifts were cancelled it was very uncrowded everywhere in felt more like October, than December crowd wise.

The weather today, Thursday, is overcast and looking like rain again.

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