Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twenty-Five, or Six to Four

The 1970 song by Chicago, Twenty-five, or six to four, has a more special meaning to me now that I am usually awake at that time of day.  I have always wondered about the title and what it meant.  It was simply a reference to the time of day the writer of the song was composing the was 25, or 26 minutes to 4am.....hence the title 25, or 6 to 4.  Around 25, or 26 minutes to four this morning my brain turned to jelly.  We know we can work 4 ten hour days in a row.....we've been doing it for weeks now.......the next question to be answered was can we do 5 ten hour days?  Well, now I know I can do 4 ten hour days, plus 9 hours.  Now I just have to work on that 10 hour on the fifth day.

Saturday I slept until 12:30pm.  If you get tired enough you can actually sleep past 11am.  By the time I became conscious and awake, at the same time, it was almost 3pm, and time to begin thinking about getting ready for work.  See, that's the problem with sleeping to 12:30, or 1pm......the afternoon is just way too short, and suddenly you find yourself walking to work trying to remember what day of the week it is.

I have noticed that we pass the same people walking home from "that building" as we walk toward it at virtually the same geographical location every day.  We have developed anonymous relationships with these nameless people we pass like ships in the night as they walk home, and we go to "that building" to have more life sucked from our souls.  We smile, and wish each other well, even though we are jealous that they are done for the day, and we are just starting.

The first half of our work "day" went fast....there were no mass evacuations, no bomb threats, and I worked in the same place....P-4-A (4th floor of Pic Mod A) for 5 straight hours picking books and DVD's, interrupted by a brief 15 minute break.  My numbers were amazing...I picked close to 700 items in 4.5 hours.  At lunch TLE informed me that she and I were in a dead heat percentage wise....pretty rare for me.

The second half I did well until the 1:45am 15 minute break, and was still in TLE's neighborhood, but those last 2 hours did me in....I think I still picked over 12o0 items last night,but at 25, or 6 minutes to 4 I crashed.

Since this was the end of our work week we met friends at a local breakfast place called "Druther's" in downtown Campbellsville for coffee and breakfast.  It was great to sit there unwinding, and laughing a lot with good friends.  We discussed the Amazon motto emblazoned on the wall of "that building" just past the Security check point...... "Work hard!   Have Fun! Make History!"  We wondered when the fun starts......all the stuff that might be fun is against the surfing on the conveyor lines, or sliding down the stairway know, fun stuff like that.

A funny side note.....on the wall, in the men's restroom, over the urinal is a publication describing the symptoms of hypothermia......they are: 1) groggyness, 2) lack of manual dexterity, 3) sluggish thought processes, 4) difficulty speaking, 5) extreme shivering......around 3am I usually have the first four symptoms.

I managed to sleep until Noon today......looking forward to numerous naps over the next 2 days.  Fifteen, or 17 work days left....depends on whether we pull a couple of 6 day weeks in the remaining 3 weeks....we already know we will only be working 5 days this coming week, so that leaves the last two weeks.  If it weren't for the honor I'd just as soon pass on the 6 day week....:D

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