Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4, 3, 2.5......

5:45 am - Just got home from work at an e-mail from Jennifer in the CamperForce office notifying us they are changing our last day to Friday at 10:15pm, so we have 2.5 days left, not 4!  10:15 pm is normally our "lunch" time, so we will clock in at 5:30 pm and clock out at 10:15 pm on Friday, and we are done!

11:09 am - Darn, I hate it when I wake up this early after going to bed at 6:45 am!  My mind is racing now that I have 1.5 days more than I thought I had to get some necessary projects completed: 1) Install new brakes on trailer, 2) replace the remaining two tires that are starting to show evidence of tread separation, 3) replace the hitch ball.  I was concerned that with only part of Sunday, and then Monday (Christmas Eve) it would be hard to get it all done, but now with this extra gift of time it will all get done, and we will be out of here the morning of December 26th and on our way south!

Tuesday was the usual day before we go to work.  I was up around 10 am....TLE arose at Noon after sleeping for 12 hours!  We puttered around, and since the sun was shinning I decided to check the black tank was only at 2/3 full, but we have more rain coming, so why waste a warmish sunny day?  We'll dump one more time (Wednesday morning) and then on our way we will be!

4:45 pm came much too quickly, but frankly now that the end is just a few days away I was anxious to get going and get our first shift of the week over with (still thinking at that time we had 5 shifts to go).   I seemed to have an extra dose of energy last night as I was moving from pick to pick like a mad man.  By the end of the evening I had close to 1,300 best night as a "picker" for sure.  Of course, when you make that many picks you most assuredly walk a little further than normal, and by 4:30 am my feet were barking, which they have not done for some time.  I think I'll just ease back a bit tonight and aim for my usual 1,000 picks, and end up with happier feet.

The temperatures were in the low 40's when we exited "that building", but according to it will be raining again Thursday, and there is a chance of snow on Friday!  It also looks like it may be raining when we leave next Wednesday....nothing I love more than getting ready to leave, and driving in the rain in the coach.....NOT!  Well, Wednesday is still a week away.....maybe the forecast will change.  At least we will have sun on the weekend this time!  Right now the sun is shinning in the drivers side window, and optimism abounds.

That's it from Campbellsvile for now.  You should see the big smiles on our faces.  You would think we just had the death penalty commuted, or something....:D

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