Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heaven must look like Cedar Key....

If you saw the movie "Field of Dreams" you will remember the scene where Shoeless Joe Jackson asks Kevin Costner  "Is this Heaven?" and Kevin replies"No, it's Iowa".   Cedar Key seems like Heaven to me, but it is really "just" Cedar Key, FL.  I'm pretty sure Heaven and Cedar Key must share a similar latitude and longitude.  As you pull into the entrance at Sunset Isle RV Park you immediately see a sign  proclaiming "Welcome Home" me it feels more like Heaven than Home, because, after all, we brought our home with us.

It rained virtually all night long at the Walmart in Macon, GA, but by the time I got up at 6:30 am it had stopped, but was still heavily overcast.    I immediately turned on all 3 gas heaters, and then the generator so I could make the coffee.....yep, I'm lazy sometimes, and just don't want to wait for the coffee to "percolate" on the stove.  Anyway, I needed to pre-heat the Detroit Diesel so it would easily start when we left in a couple of hours.  While the coffee was being made I started to work on the last blog entry.  By the time the coffee was ready, the blog was done, and uploaded.  TLE arose a little after 7 am, and we were on our way south by 9 am.

 Our tentative goal for the day was Cedar Key, some 303 miles to the south....about half that distance on I-75, and the other half on secondary roads.  Our reservation on Sunset Isle RV Park starts December 30th, but I was sure we could arrive a day early and find site D unoccupied.

As we made our way south it got dry, and the sun came out.  We decided to take several rest stops this day to make up for almost 5 hours without a stop the day before.  Our first Rest Area was less than 50 miles into the day, and our second was another 60 miles, and our 3rd was another 50 miles as we exited I-75 to continue our trip on secondary roads into Florida.  We finally crossed the border into Florida at precisely 12:40 pm.  It seemed as if the clouds parted, and for the first time in a couple of weeks we saw the sun, and felt its warmth.  The secondary roads in Florida are way better than in Georgia, and 1000% better than those in Kentucky and Tennesse.  The main difference being that the lanes in Florida are actually a couple of feet wider than our coach, and just 6 inches wider in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.  Much more relaxing when you have a couple of feet to spare.

We hit Perry, FL (you will remember we stopped overnight in Perry last March on our way south to Cedar Key).  We took a rest stop at the local Walmart, and we were finally able to break out the flip flops and shorts again.  I haven't worn flip flops since October.  From Perry it was another 98 miles to Cedar Key, and we decided right then that we would go all the way to Cedar Key this Saturday.  I called ahead to Sunset Isle and was informed that our site was available for occupation, so the race was on.  We hit Chiefland around 3:30, and stocked up on groceries before we drove the last 31 miles to Cedar Key.  There is a small store in town but we wanted to make sure we have the big ticket items.  We wanted to get to Cedar Key in time to walk over to the Tiki Bar for the sunset, drinks and pizza, and we made it just a few minutes before 5 pm, and were in our site by 5:30.  We had to drop the trailer out front where a few boats are parked, because site D is not quite long enough for the coach and trailer by about 5 feet.  Once we got the coach plugged in, and the water connected we changed clothes and headed over to the Tiki Bar to celebrate.  The sunset was spectacular as always.

The view from our site at sunset....we finished this sunset at the Tiki Bar

We made a lot of stops today, but in the end we arrived in Cedar Key fresh, and not worn down like yesterday evening.  We will be here until January 31st....our one year anniversary of living life on the road.....looking forward to sitting still in such a wonderful place like Cedar Key, or Heaven, if you will.  Looking forward to the arrival of the rest of the Nomadic NuRVers over the next few days!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i still check your blog when i first get up everymorning. i am glad you made it there and had a great experience at the mechanics shop.

    happy new year

    tom and darlene

  2. Tom, it's good to know I have a loyal following of "one", or "two"......seriously, thank you for reading everyday....knowing a few out there are looking forward to it keeps me posting every day.

  3. We also read your blog every day. We like to see what you are doing and anxiously await the next entry. There are several blogs we follow because we are getting ready to go full time ourselves. Not retiring....taking our hot rod and custom interior business mobile. May even do a few coach interiors along the way.
    We are hoping to get our house sold and be on the road by spring.

    You keep writing and we will keep reading!
    And who knows? Maybe next year we will see you in Cedar Key at the Tiki Bar!!!

    Happy New Year
    Rod and Nancy

  4. Rod and Nancy....would love to see you here next year. One day here and you are hooked! Thank you for reading every day! Just got back from the Tiki Bar watching another amazing sunset with TLE.....look for picture tomorrow!


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