Friday, December 14, 2012


My mind is a blank this morning......errr.....afternoon.  Every day I sit down to compose my literary masterpiece for the day and wonder "What am I going to write today?", because "absolutely nothing" really happened. My life lately is like  a Seinfeld episode......nothing noteworthy really happens, but I manage to write a few hundred words about "absolutely nothing".

The daylight portion of Thursday passed by way too quickly, especially since I did wake up in time yesterday to take a nap, which I did around 3:30pm.  However, just before I took my nap, and just after I finished writing yesterday's "absolutely nothing" episode I got an e-mail from Ebay notifying me that my 4 Dexter electric brakes for my trailer had been delivered at the park office by UPS.  Wow, I wasn't expecting them until today.  I knew that package was heavy so I got dressed and drove the 150 yards over to the office to pick them up.....yup, they are heavy....about 50 pounds I way I would have wanted to carry them that far.  Cool, that is a project for Monday after I spend most of Sunday in my recliner napping and recovering from the sleep deprivation of the current week.  

Speaking of sleep deprivation, I am still slightly amazed that I have been getting by on so little sleep.....I'm getting between 5 and 6 hours a night......The Lovely Elaine at least an hour + more.....she says she's taking her nap right now, but she hasn't left the bed, so I don't think what she is doing technically meets the definition of a nap, but why works for her.  Most days I don't get up in time to take a nap, although I did on Thursday.  Thank goodness TLE was here to shake me awake, because I was about gone for the night when she woke me up after 45 minutes.  Now that we are working until 5:30am I'm not getting to bed until 6:30, or 7 sometimes, and then getting up between Noon and 1pm.  I don't recall anytime in my adult life, or for that matter, going back to my childhood, when I have gotten so little sleep over such a long stretch....going on 10 weeks now.  Of course, look at Keith Richards.....he doesn't look like he's gotten more than 3 hours of sleep a night his whole life and he's still kicking.

This is what a lifetime of sleep deprivation looks like

Well, less than 4 hours until we take the walk down to "that building" for another 12 hours of this.....

The Life Sucking Machine

Seriously, Thursday night/Friday morning went pretty well.....around 4am my eyes didn't want to look at another number sequence, but thank God for the 4am 10 minute break.....after 10 minutes of being closed, and not focusing on numbers my eyes were ready for the home stretch, and I cruised to the finish line at 5:30......well, really 5:24am when I put my last tote on the conveyor belt and headed for the exit door.  I've got it timed down to the minute......if I start walking from Building "C" to the front door it takes me around 4 minutes to get to the last time clock where I "clock out" at exactly 5:28am (which is legal under rules), and after getting through Security I am at the coat rack by 5:29am, and out the gate by 5:30am....well, I would be out the gate at 5:30am if TLE could just tweek her timing a little bit.....she usually gets there around 5:32am, thus foiling my plan to be out of the building at exactly 5:30am.  I'm not going to wait outside in 29 degree temperatures watching my breath for two minutes.

Well that's another day of "absolutely nothing" in the books......7 days til lift off.

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