Friday, December 21, 2012


Thursday, oh Thursday......our last full shift.....well, actually Wednesday ended up being our last full shift.  Work slowed exponentially Thursday night, and by 2 am we were dismissed.....3.5 hours short of a full shift.  Who's complaining?  Not me.....not TLE.  "It's all over but the shouting" as my father used to say, and the "shouting" will start tonight at 10:45 pm when we clock out for the last time.

The weather turned ugly yesterday around 2 pm....the wind came up, and the awning went down just before.  I had a premonition that it was time to lower the awning, and within 30 minutes of TLE and I doing just that the wind came up.  I don't think it would have survived.

Along with the wind came a drop in temperature.  By the time we began our walk down the hill to "that building" it was icy cold.  I had on my regular winter coat, plus my rain parka with hood, plus watch cap and gloves and was glad for every article of clothing I had on for the short walk.  We must have looked funny all bundled up like that, but wearing short!

As I sit here composing the latest installment of our Amazon adventures it is 27 degrees at just after 11 am, and there have been snow flurries on and off all night.....none of the snow is sticking, but it is very cold.  Additionally, the wind blew out the water heater pilot light, so I had to go outside first thing and relight it.....first thing being 10:30 am when I went to pre-heat our coffee cups and there was only warm water coming out of the tap.

During our shift Thursday we spent time saying our farewells to those permanent Amazon employees we have grown close to.  All of our CamperForce friends will be here until the 26th like us, so we will have a second round of goodbyes then.  One of the things you must take into consideration if you decide you too want to work for Amazon during peak season is that you will leave with many more friends than you arrived with.  If you don't want to add to your "friends list" then do not even consider for a moment working at Amazon.  Today we will meet at Happy Days Diner downtown around 2:30 pm for lunch with friends and then off to our last half shift (.5) at  Tomorrow we will awake once again retired, once again not subject to the whims and schedules of others.  We will return to our natural Nomadic state of being, and moving at our own whim and fancy.  When we depart Heartland RV Park next Wednesday morning we will have been stationary for 11 week shy of 3 months.  In just a very few days we will celebrate 11 months on the road.

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