Monday, December 10, 2012

Daze Off......

Sunday at 4am our "daze" off began.......that is what I am now calling our weekly vacation from "that building".  Two "daze" off, because after 4 ten hour days we exit "that building" in a little bit of a daze.  It's really a 4 day marathon where it seems you only leave "that building" for a few hours each day.....after sleeping 6-8 hours you are only awake and conscious for a few hours, and then there you are right back pushing a cart up and down endless miles of cold, hard concrete looking for a teal colored IPHONE hard shell case in BIN # P-1-A-123-G-6.  Wait, didn't I just pick that item a few hours ago?  Yes, yes you did......probably about 200 times in the last week.....and that is just one of a dozen color variations of that case.  I have gotten to where I don't have to bend over to peer into the "A" bin at floor level to find the item....I can find the item in the bin by "feel".....I don't have to see it to pick it anymore.  Pick it, scan it, toss it in the tote and then move 10 feet to your right to P-1-A-133-B-6 and find the GLOCK holster.  It takes about 1-3 minutes to fill a more than 25 items per tote.....probably averages over the course of the night around 5 per tote.....depends on the size of the items you every 9 minutes you drop 3 full totes on the conveyor belt, pick up three more empty totes and do it again.....about 20 totes per hour, and 200 per night......about 1,000 individual items per night.  If my math doesn't add up, don't blame me.......I'm in a daze.

The only way to get through each night is not to focus on the 4am, or 6am exit, but on each break....2.5 hours then the first break at 8pm; 2 more hours then "lunch" at 10:15pm; 3 more hours then break at 1:45am; 2 more hours then at 4am exit "that building" in a daze.  It's how I got through a long day at the soccer pitch....each half was 45 minutes....break it down into 15 minute periods, then 10 minutes to sit down between halves, then 3 more 15 minutes periods, then 15 minutes to eat, rest up, and then on to the next game.  It works for me, and for TLE.

It rained on and off all morning while we slept, and was raining when I got up at 1:30pm, and continued to rain all day long, sometimes so heavily that I lost my DirecTV signal, and one time for 20 minutes.  I watched some NFL,  and then went to Krogers to do a much needed restocking of our pantry......a fast way to make $200 disappear quickly!

Of course, Sunday is NFL day, and I watched the Cowboys vs. Bengals, but, of course, right when Dallas is driving for the winning field goal I lose the aforementioned signal, and miss the end of the game.  We left for Krogers in a driving rain storm, and returned to same.  The Giants vs. Saints was a good afternoon game.  For the night cap we watched the 2 hour season finale of "The Amazing Race" starting at 11pm (yes we still have the west coast feed).

It rained all night long, and as of this writing (10:12am) it is still raining.......where is my ark when I need it?

Monday is the second of our "daze" off, and then back to "that building" Tuesday at 5:30pm for our first 12 hour shift, which will see us exiting "that building" now at 6am Wednesday morning, and for 4 more mornings after that, until we exit "that building" next Sunday morning at 6am in a daze.

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  1. Have been following your blog since you started but have not posted a comment. Could you please go over how all of these goods that you pick get to the building and how after they are picked and packed get to UPS for shipment. Thanks for letting me travel alone with you all.


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