Friday, December 28, 2012

The Best Laid Plans.....

For the first time in over 11 weeks we woke up somewhere other than Campbellsville, fact we woke up 3 states removed from our prior location!  It was cold, but DRY!

We had arrived at Trav-L-Park after the park office closed, so I walked over about 8am to pay my bill.  Sandra agreed to pencil us in for #108 just in case our work did not get finished at Choo Choo Express Garage.  

Around 8:30 I called Joel at Choo Choo to find out if it was okay to come on over, and he replied that he still had a 45' Prevost sitting over the pit inside the garage waiting for an air bag that was supposed to have arrived Monday (Christmas Eve)....hmmmmm....seems like he is waiting on the same truck Firestone was....:D  At any rate he asked very apologetically if we could wait a day, and come in on Thursday instead.  When I made our reservations in Cedar Key for the 30th I had given ourselves extra time for the unexpected, and here it was.  Of course we can leave as late as Sunday and still get's only 500 miles.....certainly farther than we want to drive in one day, but doable.  Our service should take just 2, or 3 hours, so even if it takes all day we'll be out of here Saturday giving us two driving days to get to Cedar Key.....much more to our liking anyway.

Just after I got off the phone with Joel I got a text message from a Newell friend (Richard) who was nearby visiting relatives asking if we were up to a short visit.....I immediately called him and asked him to hurry over.  This was very serendipitous as we had planned to visit he and his wife during our stay at Amazon, but Rhonda had fallen while trail running and broke her shoulder the day before we were to have left for West Virginia.  We were disappointed then of course, but now serendipity had made up for it.  We spent an hour catching up with Richard, and he and I also walked over to Choo Choo so he could meet Joel.  He may be using his shop in the near future to replace an air bag, or two on his Newell.  Choo Choo's shop rates are about 1/2 what other diesel shops charge at $55/hour.  They work on a lot of older tour buses, bus conversions and Prevosts.....anything that has a Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engine in it.

Since we were free for the day and I needed a haircut we decided to walk 3 miles to the local Supercuts so I could get my ears lowered, and look pretty again.  A few months ago TLE would never have consented to walking 6 miles round trip across town, but now that we are both Amazon "hardened" and are used to walking much farther she said "why not?", so we did.  We had to really bundle up as it was still in the mid 30's when we started our 3 mile trek.  Surprisingly TLE set a brisk pace that found me having to speed up a little to keep pace.  We covered the 3 miles in about 55 minutes.  By the time we got there I had stripped off a couple of layers of upper body clothing.  There was only one stylist on duty, but I was in her chair within 10 minutes, and we were on our return walk 15 minutes later....we covered the return 3 miles in 50 minutes with me having to up my game further to keep up with TLE who led all the way.  What has Amazon created?  We arrived back at the coach just before 2pm.

We are determined to keep up the conditioning we gained while at, so we will continue to do a lot of walking, mixed in with a suitable amount of bike riding while we are in Cedar Key.

We were both still tired from drive down from Kentucky on all those narrow, windy just kind of drains you mentally especially with all the rain and snow.  I watched a couple of college bowl games, and took several naps, and then the sun was going down on another day.  TLE made some wonder, and I mean wonderful, lasagna for dinner and I chased that with a Snowdrift Vanilla Porter made by Leinenkugel's out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I picked a six pack up at the county line liquor store near Campbellsville out of curiosity. I had never heard of it, but now I have, and it was yummy!  I'll be looking more for that one when we get to Cedar Key!

We hit the sack (pre-heated by our electric blanket) around 10:30pm.....tomorrow Choo Choo's......hopefully!

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