Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

Thankfully, Christmas Day was not white.  Nevertheless, it was quite cold.  I had a lot of tasks to accomplish before we drove into Elizabethtown, KY to eat at the only restaurant apparently open within an hour's drive any direction....Ginza Hibachi....a Benihana type restaurant where the chef cooks your food on a grill right in front of you.  

My list of tasks to take care of before December 26th:

1)  Move rear trailer tires to the front axle so I could install the new electric brake assemblies on the rear axle. (done)
2) Disconnect Sewer hose and stow (done)
3) Dump black tank (done)
4) Disconnect water hose and stow (NOT done)
5) Check tire pressure all the way around (10 tires) (NOT done)
6) Take down signage on the front of coach (done)

At 9 am it was only 32 degrees, but I couldn't wait any longer to start my chores.  Five hours did not seem like enough time, and it was not.  I didn't get 4 and 5 done, so that will be done in the rain on Wednesday (today) before we leave.  Of course I still have to re-install the trailer wheels after I get them back at "dinner time" today, drop the trailer on to the hitch, and load the T'Bird along with the other tasks.....all in the rain, which was forecast at 100% probability, and as I sit here writing it is absolutely raining as it has since times ahead for sure.

It was hard to keep my hands warm even with gloves on as I had to take them off periodically to handle small bolts, nuts, etc.  I finished putting the last brake assembly on around 1:55 was still only 37 degrees.......we were supposed to leave to drive into Elizabethtown at 2 pm.....who needs more than 5 minutes to get ready for dinner, huh?  I guess I took me 10 minutes  to clean up, change clothes, and deposit myself in the shotgun seat for the ride into town.  We drove our own car as we were going to see "The Hobbit" and wanted to be sure we could leave on our own if dinner went longer than expected.  

I had this bittersweet feeling sitting there talking and laughing with our friends.....we were having a splendid time as always, but I knew it was our last meal together for the near future.  Wednesday Jim, Sharon, Richard, Pat, TLE and I are rolling our wheels south, while Michael and Liz will remain for a few weeks to get their motorhome remodel finished.  They will head west to Arizona to meet up with friends late January.  We hope to hook up with the rest of the gang later in January at their home town of Zephyrhills, FL, which is not far from Cedar Key.  I know we will see Michael and Liz later this year, probably somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, but saying goodbye, nevertheless, is still not my favorite thing.

The chef put on a great show, and the food was amazing....I felt a little weak in the knees it was so good.  The video above was the typical cooking tools show you get, and he was pretty good.

We arrived at the restaurant around 3:10 pm, and departed near 6 pm.....a nice, slow meal.  TLE and I said our goodbyes to Michael and Liz (we'll see Jim, Sharon, Richard and Pat Wednesday before they leave) and headed back to Campbellsville to catch "The Hobbit" at the local Green River Cinemas.   The showing was in 3D, which made it a little more interesting than normal.....normal being we have loved the previous 3 Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson, and we loved this one, too.  It was just shy of 3 hours, and there are two more installments to come, so I know what we'll be doing the next 2 Christmas'.

There's a lot more to do before we leave, and I see a small break in the rain coming, so I had better be ready to move quickly to avoid getting drenched.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. hi clarke and elaine, please be careful driving in the rain.

    it got down to 33 here last nite and will only get up to 60 today. 36 right now.




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