Thursday, December 20, 2012


Wow!  A number smaller than 2!  Just one more 12 hour shift and then 4.5 hours more Friday night and we are officially RIF'd (reduction in force).

Wednesday was very brief for TLE as she slept until afternoon, but I got up around 10am and started to get the inside of the trailer organized so we can load the T'Bird next Tuesday in preparation for our departure Wednesday morning.  I'll do a little more Thursday before work, then over the weekend finish it up along with the other trailer related maintenance I outlined yesterday.  I then did a little insurance work, and before I knew it the chow bell was ringing.  A quick shower later and it was time to get dressed for work.....again!

We had sun for a great deal of Wednesday, but as forecast the clouds began to roll in late afternoon.  Rain was forecast for 6am Thursday, so we wore our foul weather gear for our walk down the hill to "that building" just in case the rain came early.

We were assigned to HRV Wednesday night, which is what we suspected since this is our last week.  Jan, our direct supervisor up "there", told us she would try to schedule the CamperForce people more this week.  TLE was up there Tuesday night, also.  We should also be up there tonight (Thursday).  Last night it was HOT up there.....finally around 1 am when they were going to send a few of us down as the work had slowed, I volunteered.....just too hot for me...TLE stayed up until our break at 1:45 am.  Both of us spent the remainder of the evening picking on the main in my favorite Building "C" where it is much, much cooler.  Thought I would never cool down.  I don't know what is up with that "B" is always so hot in there, but last night took the cake.  Usually with all the fans blowing up in HRV I can take the heat, but not even the fans could make it feel cooler last night.

I won another "major award"....a $5 Krogers card, and so did TLE.  Combined with the Krogers cards we got the night before and last night for working to the end of our shift we now have $30 of Kroger gift cards.....there will probably be some more this evening.  Our friends, the McBees, also won Krogers cards so it was a good night for the gang for sure.  We got home around 15 minutes to 6am, and just as was forecast, the skies opened up at 6am, and the wind blew.  It blew, and rained all "night"  (hahaha....morning) with occasional lightning/thunder.  The wind wasn't enough to make us take down the awning, but since the forecast is for more wind in the high 20's (mph) for the rest of the day and into tomorrow morning we took it down this morning, since we won't be here again until almost 6 am tomorrow morning.

So, here we are......just one more full night of work, then the short shift Friday night and we are free to resume our regularly scheduled programming....."Wandering Nomads"......all new shows beginning 12/26/2012!  After the dust settles in a couple of weeks, I'll give you my assessment of our overall experience, and answer the question I have been asked a lot lately....."Would you do it again?"

I slept until after 1pm today, and TLE was up a few minutes after just over two hours now we will once again head to "that building", but with lighter hearts knowing this is our last full night of nocturnal wanderings.

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