Sunday, December 9, 2012


Attention!  Attention!  A new world record (for me anyway) has been set....I slept until 1:30pm today (Sunday).  Now back to Saturday.....

The Lovely Elaine finally dragged herself out of bed around 1:45pm Saturday.....only because we had to start getting ready for work in 2 hours.....haha!  That will not happen Sunday, because Sunday will be a day without Amazon, as will Monday, and most of Tuesday.

After TLE got up we watched a few TV shows (Survivor, Burn Notice and Elementary) we had recorded, had breakfast for lunch (scrambled eggs and sourdough toast.....yum!), and then it was time to gird ourselves up mentally and head for "that building" for 10 more hours.  

I haven't spent a lot of time picking in Building C until Friday night, and I had such a good time I asked my boss, Matt, to "lock me down" in Building C for the night Saturday.  By "locking me down" the computer can only assign me to pick in that building.  Building C is much cooler temperature wise than Building B, where I have spent most of my picking career.  I love Building C because it is so cool, and much of it involves picking items off pallets.....for me it is much easier on my body, and I get to use a box cutter to subdue those large boxes.  I don't know why I didn't think of this before.  I'm sure, at some point, that I will get bored with Building C, but for now anything that keeps my interest helps keep my boredom at bay......boredom is the big enemy now.  Physically we have both completely adjusted to the work, so it's just the mental thing now.  The more interesting the work is the faster the time goes.  The odds are we will be back up in HRV next week for some of the time....their work load was lower this week, so we spent more time on the main floor picking.  If we were in HRV every night it would be a "cake walk"....that work is interesting, and varied, and the time flies by.

We exited "that building" around 4:10am to a gentle sprinkling rain, but the temp was in the high 50's.  Nine weeks down, and 2 to go.....since we are scheduled to work two 60 hour weeks it will feel like!

Since we do not have to go to "that building" today we watched a couple more pre-recorded TV programs (Person of Interest, and CSI N.Y.)  and went to bed around 6am.

Only 10 days of labor stand between us and Cedar Key.....I can almost smell the Gulf from here!  To quote TLE from a recent Facebook post......."My email is jammed with ads for winter boots, or boots in general, I just want to get out the flip flops and head to FL...."....exactly my sentiment!

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