Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, now we know......

That our release date will probably be December 23rd.  The scuttlebutt flying around, as usual, was incorrect.  Starting this Tuesday we will begin working 5 twelve hour days.  After tonight there are just 10 work days left, or, more precisely, 120 hours of walking on cold concrete....:D

Our Friday tradition since we have been in Campbellsville is to go to lunch with our friends.  It started back when we were still working the Tuesday to Friday shift, and Friday, of course, was our last work day of the week.  This Friday we decided to drive over to Greensburg, KY around 1:45pm and have lunch at Longhunters Coffee and Tea Company.  What a great choice.

The guys all had "Hot Browns", a local turkey dish that was "delish".  TLE had the Thomas K. Slaughter sandwich, which is their version of a Ruben.  Of course their coffee is quite good , and we actually bought a pound to take home.  Greensburg is a quaint little town that has a wonderful downtown area with a lot of old red brick buildings that have been renovated.  If we hadn't been on such a short leash for going back to "that building" we would have loved to have walked around for a couple of hours.  The Longhunter's building also houses the Green County Museum, which the owners are quite involved in.

More rain was forecast for Friday night/Saturday morning, and it came.  Fortunately the low for the night was only 53, which seems quite balmy when compared to the 25 we had a couple of times.

Work went better for me......I was able to spend most of my 10 hours in building "C" picking in the palletized area.  Much easier on my nasty "A" bins that require one to stand on their head to peer inside.  A lot of opening of large boxes to get the items.  A lot....I mean a lot of Kindle's were picked last night.  I think I picked a couple hundred all by myself, and there were a lot of us doing that.  

At lunch time treated its workforce to a Chili/baked potato lunch at the 10:15pm lunch break completed with pie and soft drinks.  To me the "lunch" was quite good, but TLE's personal Chili recipe is much, much better.

I got to bed around 5am......just as I heard our neighbors start up their truck to head in for their day shift.  Amazingly I slept all the way to 12:30pm (TLE is still in slumberland at 1:20pm).  The few times I was awake the rain was coming down with a fury.  Looks like more of the same for the rest of the day.

That's it from exciting Campbellsville, KY.....thanks for stopping by!

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