Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Okay, so here is the straight skinny on the 12 hour is really 11.5 hours.....we work 5:30pm to 5:30am with a half hour for lunch, so we work 11.5 hours, not 12.  Instead of going home at 4am we have an added 10 minute break (the others are 15 minutes), so it's really only an added hour and twenty minutes of work time, but subtract 5 minutes from the end, because that is when we put our last tote on the conveyor, and start the long walk to the front entrace, which takes at least 3-4 minutes....we can clock out legally at 5:28am (two minutes before quitting time), so it is rally one hour 8 minutes of added time at, but we get paid for the 1.5 hours.  Personally I like the 5 twelve hour days, because we still get 2 days off....I would not want to work 6 straight 10 hour days.

Tuesday started off sunny, but very, very cold.....maybe it got to 45 degrees late in the day....I'm not sure.  Everything started to dry out with the sun out.  I finally had to toss the old EZ-UP canopy in the trash....the last storm trashed it for good.....BUT, we still have the almost new red one we bought two 4th of July's ago when we were still in Rancho Jurupa Regional Park.  You will remember if you have been following our blog since the summer of 2011 that over the 4th of July in 2011 a camper's EZ-UP was blown into ours damaging the white canopy.  I was reimbursed by their insurance for the cost of a new one, but decided to tape up the tears in it with white duct tape, which worked quite well for the intervening 17 months.  It was good for keeping the sun and moderate rain off the T-Bird, but the wind, and heavy rain finally did it in.  At any rate, while TLE made a quick shopping run I took the old canopy down, and put the new one we have a little more room in the trailer!

There was kind of a sense of foreboding as we approached the time we would walk down the hill to "that building" and put in our first 12 hour shift.  On a positive note our bodies felt great.....especially our feet.  Frankly, the 12 hours seemed to fly by.  I continued working in Building "C" where it is much cooler than Building "B", but TLE and I both got called up to HRV for the three hour shift after "lunch", which was great, because time really flies by up there!  After our 1:45am break we were both back on the main floor, and I returned to Building "C" where the time continued to fly by.  Could it be my mind has finally adjusted, and I am not bored anymore?  Or maybe it's because the launch sequence has started.  I don't know what it is, but I hope it continues Wednesday night.

There are now a maximum of 9 work days left....possibly 1, or 2 days less....we are supposed to find out today, or tomorrow what our official release date is.  Nevertheless, we soldier on counting down to the end of our obligation here in Campbellsville, KY.....10, 9......

The weather today (Wednesday) continues to be sunny, but least we have the sun. We went to bed around 6am, and got up around 1pm, and will head back to "that building" around 4:45pm for another 12 hour shift.

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