Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leaving Campbellsville...

We got home from the "The Hobbit" Christmas night around 11pm, and it started raining just a few minutes later, and it rained all night long, and was still raining around 8 am Wednesday morning.  I still had a short list of things to do before we could put Campbellsville in our review mirror, the most important of which was putting new tires on the trailer.  Bill at Firestone promised I would have my new tires by "dinner" Wednesday, so I busied myself with the other stuff......check the inflation of all the tires, which I did.  Put away the air compressor and the outdoor fireplace, put away the tire covers, put away the awning mat, go down to the park office and pay for my last 3 days, and take off the mirror and windshield wiper covers.  

Jim, Sharon, Rich and Pat left around 10 am, and then we were alone.  Around 11:30 am I called Firestone and was told the truck had not arrived yet, and they weren't sure when it was coming.  I decided to drive over and pick up my wheels, and take them to Taylor County Tire just up the street.  I had intended to go there last Saturday, but they weren't open, so I went to Firestone.  Ultimately Taylor County Tire had SIX, count them.....SIX, tires in stock, and had two of them installed on my rims in less than 15 minutes.  I rushed home and put them on, then it was time to load the T'Bird....of course it rained while I was putting on the new treads, and while we loaded the car, but we got it done, and were on the road by 1:30 pm heading south on Route 55.  

There was a point in time Wednesday when I thought it might be possible we would spend one more night in Campbellsville, but we surmounted all the odds and escaped the gravitational pull of that fine town.  It was raining steadily as we treked southward, and then it turned to snow.  We moved a little east and picked up Route 127 and took that south into Tennessee.  When we stopped briefly in Crossville, TN it was snowing, there was ice on the windshield, and it was 29 degrees.....we were at 2,000' elevation.  I went outside to open the water bay door in order to turn off the electric heater I had left in the "ON" position in error, but the lock  on the door was frozen.....I could not insert the key.   I had thought about stopping there in the Lowe's parking lot, but the thought of trying to keep warm in those freezing  temperatures did not appeal to me, so we pushed on.  Finally around 50 miles from Chattanooga we began a slow descent to around 800', and a little warmer temperatures causing the ice/snow to fall off the windshield, and off the roof.

We could have taken the Louie B Nunn Parkway out of Columbia over to the Interstate, and then south, but that would have turned a 228 mile day into a 290 mile day, so we stayed on Kentucky and Tennessee back roads.....some rather narrow at times, and arrived in Rossville, GA (a couple of miles from Choo Choo Express Garage) around 7 pm, and are currently plugged in with heaters blazing at Trav-L-Park, a park TLE found on the internet, and it is just perfect.....thank you honey!  They had a perfect site for us.....70 feet long, #108.  Tomorrow morning we will drive the two miles over to Choo Choo and drop the coach off for its service.

So we covered 228 miles in around 5.5 hours, and that is not bad considering how narrow and windy the roads were, and how miserable the weather was all day.  I really don't like driving in rain, or snow....who does, right?  I hope this is the hardest driving day we will have on our trek south to Cedar Key.  It looks like better weather the next few days.  Looking forward to warmer temps in Cedar Key, and less need to use electric heaters.

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