Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's a little after 2pm Sunday......I just got up a few minutes ago....a new record for me....TLE is still working on her new record....:D  My brain is feeling a little mushy, so I don't know how coherent this edition of the blog will be.  Now back to Saturday....

It sprinkled on and off most of Saturday, and was still doing so when we started our downhill walk to "that building" around 4:50pm.  Thankfully the temperatures were warm for this time of year.....high 50's.  Saturday was uneventful, and it seemed once again that we were barely up before it was time to walk on concrete for 12 hours.  This was the 5th of our ten day stretch working 12 hour days during "peak season" at  I am as tired as I imagined I would be, but only tired.....the body is holding up far.  After this one only 5 to go....ONLY 5 TO GO!!!  It's funny how those 5 ten hour days suddenly seem more appealing

After Saturday we will spend our time religiously resting, keeping our feet elevated, and resting some more until Tuesday at 5:30pm when we begin our last lap of this marathon.  Surprisingly the night seemed to go quickly, which is not usually the case on the fifth day of our work week, however, the last 1.5 hours really dragged by.  It seemed like every time I looked at the time on the scanner that only 2 minutes had gone by, but as usual the time to depart "that building" finally arrived and TLE and I, in unison, clocked out a exactly 5:28pm.

As we exited the air was heavy with humidity, and compared to every other day this past week it was not cold at all.  It was obvious it had been raining on and off during our 12 hour shift.  For a change we arrived home without our cheeks burning from the sub freezing temps.

We are getting to that part of our stay here where we will begin to say "goodbye" to new friends, and that will be hard to do.  I really don't like "goodbyes" at all.  There is something about an intense shared experience that bonds people together like nothing else.  The good news is we will be seeing these people again....that is the beauty of this lifestyle.  It's not like we are going back to Southern California to our sticks and bricks home never to return.  We are moving continually, and they are moving, and our paths will cross again.   A great example of this is we will be returning to Cedar Key shortly to reconnect with friends we made in our brief stop there last March.  All of us who crossed paths briefly have been working to reconnecting there again.   So, I know our paths will cross again over the coming years, and that takes away a little of the pain.

TLE just returned from the land of the living dead at 2:14pm.....a new world record!

Now it's time to sit back and watch some NFL......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 5 more days. 60 hours, 3600 minutes, 216,000 seconds. if you check your timepiece just every 15 seconds, that means you will check it 14,400 times.

    i would suggest no more than every 2 minutes which would only be 1800 times....ha ha

    can tell your mind is mush as you said in that other than the fond words about your coworkers, there was nothing much to sit back and laugh about.....

    hang in there, the adventure is almost over....



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