Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to one, and to all!


We find ourselves far from family and many friends on this Christmas Day, but our hearts are full on this day dedicated to the celebration of our Savior's birth.  We will miss the hugs, and kisses of children and grandchildren, but we know we are in their hearts, and they in ours.  Our connection, though separated by thousands of miles, cannot be severed.  And even though we find ourselves far from family and kin, we celebrate this annual remembrance with new friends, with the promise of new adventures lurking just beyond this days' sunset.

As I related in yesterday's post, we managed to sleep to a little after 9 am Monday, so it appears we are back to a regular, normal humanoid schedule of going to bed before it is called tomorrow, and getting up when it is still called morning.

I called Bill at Firestone Tire around "dinner" time to see if our trailer wheels were ready for pick up, but was advised by Bill that "apparently" the "truck" delivering them was not running as it was Christmas Eve.  Hmmmmmm....that would have been good information to have Saturday when I dropped them off....:-/  Well, it is what it is.......the truck is supposed to bring our new trailer tires Wednesday morning.....the day we are supposed to leave for Chattanooga, and as long as I can pick them up at "dinner" time we will still be okay.....it is a little less than 200 miles to Chattanooga, so even if we leave around 1pm we should arrive late afternoon.

Meanwhile, back at the "ranch" I finished stowing everything away inside the trailer, and it is now ready to receive the T'Bird.  The only things left to do today are check the air pressure on all our tires,  install the remaining two brake assemblies, disconnect and stow away the sewer hose, and disconnect the water supply after topping off our fresh water tank.  Then all we have to do Wednesday is re-install the two trailer tires, put the car in, and unplug the electrical........and roll the wheels south.  

We met our Amazon friends, Jim & Sharon, Richard and Pat, Michael and Liz at Creek Side Restaurant out on the north edge of town for Christmas Eve dinner.  It was buffet style only, but it was great......real friend chicken in Kentucky, mashed potatoes, corn (among other vegetables), and salad.  We shared our various perspectives on our Amazon experience, and it seemed we were pretty much in agreement that we would probably not do it again, but time, as is always the case, will tell.  After dinner we retired to Jim and Sharon's coach for spiked egg nog, coffee and apple dumplings.

Eventually TLE and I retreated to our coach for the evening and watched the last half of "Little Shop Around the Corner", and then "A Christmas Story".  I watched "The Bishop's Wife" earlier in the day.  Around 11 pm we went to bed giggling, and with big smiles on our faces.....it was a very nice day, indeed.

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