Thursday, December 13, 2012


Time can go fast, whether, or not you are having a good time.....but not inside "that building".  

What?!!  I've only been at work 21 minutes.....that can't be right!!!

Wednesday we were up around least one of us seems time goes very quickly in our Newell, but slows down as soon as we pass through security into "that building".

Someone asked me if I took my usual nap Wednesday, and I replied NO, I didn't get up early enough to take a nap!"    By the time I wrote the prior installment of my blog, took care of an insurance customer it was time to take a shower and get dressed for work......that is just not right!  It seems we are deep into the "eat, work, sleep.....repeat" mode now.  I spend more time with, and talking to my scanner that I do with my wife.  Physically I'm doing fine, and being "locked down" in Building "C" is helping with my boredom, but let's face it....I'm still in that building for 12 hours where time does not seem to pass quickly.  Thank goodness we have good friends to pass the time with at breaks.  Last night we got to laughing so hard about some of our experiences during the shift that some of us had tears in our eyes.  Laughter, indeed, is the best medicine for boredom.

Starting with our first 12 hour shift Tuesday Amazon is now providing fresh fruit at break time, which is a nice gesture on their part.  Of course, being human, who can resist free fruit?  The bananas and oranges fly off the cart.

So, as you may surmise, there is not much to write about that you don't already know. grinds on and on and on.....with, or without us.  We have 8 work days to go, for sure now.  Got the e-mail last night advising our last work day starts December 22nd at 5:30pm, and ends at 5:30am December 23rd when we will walk out of "that building" for the last time......this year.

For today it is sunny and 47 degrees as I will get down to 29 tonight.  Our walk home this morning was brisk to say the least....:D  I read a cute saying goes like this......"My memory is getting so bad I can now plan my own surprise party!"  I copied and pasted that to my Facebook page yesterday, so at the "start up area" last night Rick comes up and asks my how my surprise party planning is going and I reply "What surprise party?".......hahaha....I sure walked into that one!

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  1. hi clarke,

    i love reading your stories each morning. however, i would like for you to get up earlier so you could write them so i could read them when i get up in az. that would be idea for me. i know you think you need to sleep in till late morning, but in doing so you are really not considering the needs of your loyal followers. so stop sleeping in and get up and write.

    we have been getting a number of packages from amazon. what would be nice is if you could put your "mark" on the ones you ship so i know if one of you were the ones who picked them.

    your countdown is almost like when i was in boot camp those many years ago waiting for it to be over. i enjoyed the experience but could hardly wait for it to be done.



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