Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Living Better....

In our travels prior to being full time on the road we would find ourselves in cold areas of the country occasionally, but it was only for a week, or two, so we just lived with the "cold sheet syndrome".  You know, even if the heater is on, when you get under the sheets to go to sleep they are really cold, and you find yourself exclaiming something mildly unprintable.  Usually within 30 seconds your body starts to warm up the sheets, and you are mostly comfortable again.  Now that we have been in cold climate for 8+ weeks we finally broke down and decided to buy an electric blanket for our queen size bed.  
Day by day, and I use that term to be accurate, because we sleep during the day now, the pain of getting into those cold, cold sheets at 5am was more and more painful, and repulsive.  We would try to out wait each other to see who would be first in bed to take the chill off the sheets.  Finally I told TLE a change was in order......we need an electric blanket.  Why should we torture ourselves, albeit for just a few minutes, every day?  It is amazing how such a small thing improves the quality of your life so dramatically.  We have dual controls, and I set mine on 3-4 (scale is 1-10), and that is just perfect.  The electric blanket also allows us to sleep with the heater at a very low setting, if not completely off, most of the time, and, therefore, the air is not as dry, and it doesn't dry out my throat, and sinuses during the "night", and the whirring sound of the heater is rarely heard.  Now I'm wondering why we waited soooo long!?

This wonderful enhancement to our standard of living only cost $59 at BigLots.  That makes two big enhancements to our lifestyle that have originated at BigLots (the Euro Recliner being the first).

Tuesday, our extra day off, it rained, and rained, and rained......sometimes quite hard....until 10pm last night.  We had planned to go out, but the rain was a big deterrent, so we ended up staying in.....well, at least I did...TLE had a hair appointment that she kept, but otherwise we stayed inside listening to Christmas Music, and rain on the roof most of the afternoon, and into the evening.  I did some "office" work, and TLE read.  TLE reheated some of her amazing Chili from the other night, and added corn bread and a dinner salad.....what a great meal!!  The Chili put my sinuses into distress mode, and perspiration on my forehead, but I cherished every single spoon full.

Today we head back to "that building" at 5:30pm, but until then we will enjoy every minute our feet are not walking/standing on cold concrete......14 days of work to go!

As I write it is 70 degrees in Cedar Key, and 46 here.  Looking forward to reconnecting with short pants and t-shirt weather.

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