Thursday, January 30, 2014

D minus 11 - Yeah

When I started out on this weight loss journey I wanted to lose 20 least 20 pounds.  Was I sure I would achieve my goal.....nope.  Did I think it was possible...yep....I've lost 25 pounds before, but over a much longer time (6 months).   I hoped I had the stick-to-itiveness to get there.  Well, two months after I began I have officially passed the 20 pounds lost I done....nope!  I know....I know.....this is not the "weigh in day", but I just had to share......Wednesday was just one of those days that leaves you with a smile from ear to ear, and wanting to share good news with anyone who will listen.

Around 10:30 we headed into San Dimas to an eatery/microbrewery we have not visited before, strictly on the recommendation of Yelp's 4 out of 5 star rating.  We were meeting my sister, Jill, and her husband Elliott, of whom I have written on multiple occasions, for lunch.  I think I mentioned previously they come back to SoCal every year at this time to visit friends and family.  After many years of estrangement, Jill and I have finally connected like never before, and now every time I see her it is is as if I was given an extra sibling late in life.  We had such a wonderful lunch with non-stop conversation, which was over way too soon. The great thing is I will see her again this Saturday at my baby brother's (Philip) 50th birthday party.....I guess he is not a baby anymore.

Oh, by the way, the beer and the food was amazing......Clayton's gets 5 stars from us....I had the Grilled Salmon Tacos served "street taco" style, and a Belgian style stout.   TLE had the half Pastrami sandwich with smoked Guda Butternut Squash soup, and TWO, count them, TWO Belgian style stouts!

Around 2:40 I took off on my bike for what started out to be my normal 12 mile ride, but about the 9 mile mark I decided 12 wasn't going to be enough......I just wanted to keep I added 6 more miles coming in at just over 18 miles for the ride.  Being able to ride virtually every single day over the past 2 months has reminded me of how much I love riding any bike......on pavement, or dirt.....I kind of lose myself for an hour, or so, but it seems much longer than that.  By the time I got "home" it was just after 4 pm, and the day was waning quickly.

After my shower I headed over to Subway to get my footlong......I have never been in a Subway at dinner time (5:30).......that's the time to go.....I was the only one there, and was in and out in 3 minutes.

It was a good day to be alive.......thanks for stopping by!

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