Wednesday, January 29, 2014

D minus 12 - Only one more

We are now less than 12 days from departure so Tuesday means there will only be one more Tuesday spent in the Kiosk....there are things now we will do just once more before we heave anchor.  It seems to be getting more difficult getting up at 5 am.....maybe it's the knowing we only have two more early mornings that increases the difficulty factor.
Tuesday was a very slow day in the Kiosk......the worst possible scenario when you have a 6 hour shift.  Thankfully we had two cabins to clean, so we used that six hour shift, as we have on several other long Tuesdays, to take turns cleaning the cabins.  It gets each of us out the Kiosk for an hour and a half.....of course it is a little less boring for TLE since she always has a book with her.  I, obviously, could read too, but being interrupted continuously while reading is not my cup of tea, and even though it can be very slow in the Kiosk some days just enough is going on to make it difficult for me.  Once I am deep into a book I don't like interruptions.

I left TLE just after she returned at 10 am from doing her cleaning bit on the two cabins and went to do my part.  By the time I finished it was closing in on 11:30 and time for me to make my daily pilgrimage to a local Subway shop.  I haven't used the new Subway app yet....I should have Tuesday, because Wednesday we are driving into San Dimas to have lunch with my sister Jill, and her husband Elliott who are in town for a month visiting friends and relatives.  My next chance to use it will be Thursday.   In just a few days the annual Janu-any $5 promotion will one can say I haven't taken full advantage of that $2 savings per footlong Club......I have saved over $50 in January.

On the weight loss front both of us are seeing significant differences in our profiles, and having to use notches in our belts that heretofore have not seen use......ever.  Although somewhat annoying, I relish the fact that I have to pull my pants up on occasion.

I took my usual nap after the way I read an interesting article, "Finally- Justification for taking a nap!"  It says the perfect nap lengths are either 10-20 minutes, or 90 minutes.....once you get past 20 minutes you slip into a deeper sleep and need at least 90 minutes to complete that sleep cycle.  I'm not seeking "nap converts", just pointing out an interesting is always nice to have your personal experience validated.  I've been taking afternoon naps since the late 70's.

After my 90 minute nap I got dressed for my daily usual 12 mile ride around Fairmont Park, up to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, and home doing the distance in just over 51 minutes.....a new personal best.....Tuesday was the perfect riding day......1-2 mph winds, and not too much foot traffic on the Mt. Rubidoux path.    It really does not seem to matter what the air quality is on any given day....the views as you wind your way along the paved path to the top are always breathtaking.  

TLE and I watched an old 1957 movie we had recorded a few weeks ago off TCM called "12 Angry Men" starring Henry Fonda, and numerous other notable actors.  It is a black and white movie, and if you have never seen it you should.  The entire movie takes place inside a jury room as 12 men deliberate the fate of an accused murderer.  You cannot help but be moved.

We finished the evening watching a current epiosode of "Justified", and another recorded show from Monday night...."Intelligence", as well as a few recorded "Fraser's".

Well, our 2nd to last Tuesday is in the books, and it is on to our second to last Wednesday.....thanks for stopping by!


  1. So does this mean you will sit out front my house and great people as they arrive and clean my cabin when you come to stay?

  2. Well, as long as we have the gate code we will feel right at're cabin is a "little" larger than we are used to cleaning, but we'll give it a shot.....:D


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