Thursday, January 16, 2014

D minus 25 - Wed-nes-day

Moonset this morning

The Santanas winds were gone when we woke up on hump day, so we re-deployed the awnings, and sun screen, only to be hit by them again around 11:30.  I don't know about you, but wind just wears me down.  You really can't do much in the wind except wait it riding is no fact, not many things you would do outside are fun when the winds are blowing.

After finishing with the awnings I set about my favorite weekly task of dumping our black tank once again.  As always I am grateful for the great water pressure here as it reduces the time I must spend chaperoning the process.  While I'm waiting for the tank to be flushed I usually check on the repairs I had to make while we were in East Glacier back in July at the time of our  black tank "incident".....all repairs remain leaks.

Since the winds were not blowing at 10 am, and I didn't expect them to return so soon, I headed out on my daily bike ride planning to ride at least 20 miles......originally TLE and I were going to ride the tandem, but she opted for a walk instead.  I did my normal ride around Fairmont Park and up to the Rubidoux summit, but continued south on the SART after the descent, instead of north to RJRP, riding all the way to Van Buren Blvd., then back north  to Limonite, and northeast along Limonite where I found a Subway shop and got my daily Club.  Just as I hit Van Buren the wind hit me in the face like a prize fighter going for the knockout.....just about flung me off my bike with its force as I bobbed and weaved over the bridge spanning the Santa Ana River.

As mentioned, I stopped off at the Subway on Limonite to acquire my twelve inches of dining pleasure, then continued my ride home into the unexpected Santanas.  I threw myself into the gauntlet hoping I would burn more calories with the extra work.  At the end, when I arrived back at the coach, my Garmin Edge 205 recorded 1,321 calories incinerated, and just a tenth of a mile over the goal of 20.

I took a nap around 2, and then began listing the last of the watches I am selling on eBay in an effort to get down to a manageable number.....I started with 12 and after selling the two Seiko 6139 Automatics I'll be down to 6 watches.  I may sell one more....we'll see.  These older vintage Seiko's are very popular with collectors, and within minutes of listing the two Seiko's there were bids on it's just a matter of seeing how high much they go for in the end.

It seems as if the days are beginning to fly is it January 15th, and we only have 25 more days to tarry.  My son, Chris, and his family are bringing their Class A diesel pusher here for the weekend, and the rest of the kids will be here for a fire Saturday night, and possibly Friday night.....barring anymore Santana winds!

My contract is up on my cell phone Thursday so I'll be phone shopping......I have really enjoyed my HTC Rezound phone, and still like it, but technology continues to move on, and it's time for an upgrade.  I'm thinking about the Samsung Note....we'll see.

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