Saturday, January 11, 2014

D minus 30 - Weekly Weigh In

On Friday, January 10, 2012 we woke up in Cedar Key, FL......exactly 2,356 miles east and south of our present location.  This year marks the 3rd annual nomadic convergence on Cedar Key, and by all accounts the biggest so far.  A number of people we know are back this year, as well as many new nomads.  All converging nomads spend many evenings a week at the Tiki Bar located at Low Key Hideaway (owned and operated by our friends Pat and Cindy Bonish) watching the sun set, just as we did.........there is something special about Cedar Key sunsets, and in all our travels we have rarely seen sunsets that even come close to those we witnessed in Cedar Key on a nightly basis for the 5 weeks we spent there.

The Tiki Bar
Typical amazing sunset at Cedar key

The Nomadic Convergence.....missing ya'll!

Today, Saturday, is weigh in weekly weight report......196.2....a new low for me by .2 of a pound.  Considering I ballooned all the way up to 199 after last weekends Mexican feast at Tio's Tacos I have recovered nicely......hoping to dip down to 194 by next Saturday.

While TLE went shopping I made my eBay list of bicycle parts I'm selling, took pictures of said parts, and then began to list them.  I have 20 items from this bike that I will list, so I started out by listing the first 6, then will list 7 more on Saturday, and the final 7 on Sunday.

Around 2:20 we headed out for a 24 mile ride on the tandem.....I think that's the furthest either of us has ridden in a while.  We took the northern section of the Santa Ana River Trail south to it's current terminus at California Road near Norco, and then turned around for the 12 mile jaunt home.  Considering TLE has not done a lot of bike riding since we have been here at RJRP (she walks a lot) I thought she did wonderfully, although she proclaimed her "bum to be numb" as we pulled back into the park.....:D  We did the 24 miles in 1 hour and 42 minutes of continuous riding, and got back just after 4 pm in time to watch the sun set.

We ate our modest dinner around 5, and then around 6 headed outside for an evening fire, sitting there enjoying some wine....add in a cigar for me......and each other for a couple of hours.  The campground was bustling with the arrival of all the weekenders who, as we used to do, will squeeze ever second out of every minute while there are here hoping to make 2 days and 2 nights feel like a week away from their workaday lives......and on Sunday, as we are want to do, will comment as they leave on Sunday......."we don't have to leave.....we are already home".

The vino and the fire

The cigar and the two of of TLE's first "selfies"

We both agreed it was a great Friday.....or as my friend Tom commented to me earlier in the day.....a great 6th Saturday.

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