Wednesday, January 15, 2014

D minus 26 - 3 in a row

Tuesday, for the 3rd day in a row we were up before the sun.....Tuesday being our 6 hour shift day at the Kiosk.  It was decided early that I would do the first part of the shift up to 10 am, and TLE would "let" me go home, but she came with me to open up the Kiosk.....TLE's first task is to get the cash out of the safe  for the cash register, count it, and log in.  I normally put up the flags but on days like Tuesday with Santanas howling, we don't put them up.......why, you ask?  The winds can get pretty fierce here, and the flags get torn to shreds in no time, so to ensure the longevity of the flags (U.S., State and County) we do not raise them during Santanas.

One of the side benefits to Santanas is the local skies are swept clean of haze and smog and you get morning shots like this one......and one of the down sides is I wasn't able to do my usual bike ride due to those same high winds.  Also, along with the strong offshore winds we get higher temperatures, and Tuesday saw our high at near 87 degrees with more high 80's temperatures guessed at for the balance of the week....however, it didn't feel like 87 to me.....the air is soooo dry right now it seems to moderate the "feel" of the high and low temperatures.

TLE left me on my own at the Kiosk around 7 am, and returned at 10 am as promised.  the first 3.5 hours were uneventful for moi, but I understand from TLE the last 2.5 were quite busy for her.

I spent some time puttering around the coach, assembling my bike rack, checking the status of my eBay auctions.....and they are all going quite well!  With only 2.5 to 4.5 days to go in the auctions I am already going to see a profit on the latest bike just based on the current fact I'm up about $27 over my initial investment as things stand right now.  I'm on track to at least double my investment, if not more.

By that time it was after 11:30 and time to make my Subway Club run to beat the lunch crowd, and be back before TLE returned from Kiosk duty at 12:30.....I did beat the crowd and was back by 12:15.

Around mid afternoon I found out, based on UPS tracking information, that the receiver hitch adapter I wrote about will NOT arrive here by Friday as promised by the seller, but on Monday, so this news necessitated that I run over to the U-Haul place to buy one so I can use my bike rack before then.  I was able to pick up a 1-1/4" to 2" adapter for $24.  I will probably need that anyway as I will need the extra 6" extension in order for the riser adapter to clear the rear bumper of the VW.

As you can see, I will need the 4.5" riser to get the back of the bike rack far enough off the ground so it won't scrape if enter a driveway, or drive over a dip, or speed bump in the road.  I will eventually add the second bike mount back to the bike rack, but for now all I need is the one.

After going through all that to be sure I could transport my bike to the trailhead this Saturday I remembered my son, Chris, and his family were coming in their motorhome this weekend, so I will need to take a rain check for next weekend.  Note to on that memory thing!

That evening TLE and I played catch up on several shows we had recorded Sunday night and Monday night.....Mentalist, Almost Human and Intelligence, then it was time for the Tuesday night triple header....NCIS, NCIS L.A., and Person of Interest.....yep, you're right, that's a lot of TV viewing in one night...fortunately we were able to watch the first three shows commercial free before settling in for the evening shows.

The wind continued to howl until after midnight sometime....then around 1:35 am we had a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Fontana.....not that far from us, but we felt nothing.....probably because the wind was still buffeting our coach, which kind of feels like an earthquake at times.

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