Wednesday, January 22, 2014

D minus 19 - Just enjoy it, okay?

My sister Jill and her husband, Elliott, flew into SoCal yesterday from Michigan (or maybe the day before....I'm not sure) and she wrote this on Facebook on Tuesday: "It just occurred to me: I have no idea how to dress for this weather. I don't think I even own shorts! It's going to be 83 degrees here today."  Where she came from it is 6 degrees right now.  It is humorous how it is human nature to talk/complain about the I sit in that 80 degree weather complaining about how warm it is....I think I will just close my mouth now and enjoy the wonderful weather we have been blessed with this winter so far.

We were greeted with a spectacular sunrise Tuesday morning as we walked to the Kiosk around is not possible for my phone camera to capture how amazing it was.  We had a typical Tuesday after a trout stocking.....steady business all morning.  Around 8:15 I headed off to do my part of cleaning cabins 1 & 2....TLE had done her part Monday afternoon.  I was back at the Kiosk by 9:50 and "let" TLE go until 11.  She came back right on time as she always does and I headed off to buy my daily Subway sandwich.

I'm still playing catch up on my sleep from the weekend, so I took a nap after lunch again and slept until after 2 pm.  I hadn't taken my bike ride yet, and I know that if I let up for one day there will be an excuse the next day, and the day after.  I have a time frame within which I am working to achieve a goal, and my goal is within sight.  All that being said I saddled up and took off on my ride bucking a slight head wind.  It's would have been easy to take the day off as most of it was gone, but 2 minutes into the ride I found myself back in the "zone" and glad I was on my bike.  You hear all the time about motorcycle riders loving the feeling of "being in the wind" .....well, on a smaller scale that is what I love about riding my bike.......feeling the wind on my face, arms and legs.....for me there is not a better feeling, especially when the air is so balmy as it is right now.  Each time I crest the summit on Mt. Rubidoux and take in the magnificent view to the west and south I am renewed......I feel the endorphins coursing through my body providing a mental "high" as I edge over the summit and begin the daily 3 mile plunge down that black  ribbon of pavement as it wends its way down, down, down....hugging every bend and curve....dodging in and out of small pockets of hikers coming to, and going from the summit...we exchange greeting as I pass....I can see they love being on this mountain just as much as I.

It took me just over 55 minutes, even with the breeze, to arrive home again.....I took a shower, and then headed out to the trailer to do some more 5 I had everything packed except the wheelset, frame and a few small parts.  They will be finished first thing Monday morning and then off to the USPS.

Normally Tuesday is our "triple header" night, but none of our regular shows were running new episodes....we watched two recorded shows from Monday night (Intelligence and Castle), then TLE was off to bed....I followed a little after 10.

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