Tuesday, January 7, 2014

D minus 34 - Boxing Day

It is just one day after another of 80 degrees, sun, no clouds and light breezes.  Yesterday's sunrise picture could be any day for the past 2 weeks....other than a couple of mild Santana's we have had an embarrassment of weather riches.  Especially embarrassing  in light of the sub zero temperatures many are suffering through in the plains, and mid-west states......frozen pipes......well, frankly, frozen everything.....thousands of cancelled flights, etc.  Having been in many of those places during the past couple of springs an summers it is almost surrealistic to see what they look like now under a lot of snow, ice and sub-zero temps.

Monday was another gorgeous day in Riverside, CA.......TLE and started the day cleaning Cabin # 1 for the next occupants, which took less than an hour.  From there I headed for the "garage" to begin packing the 20 some odd items I sold on eBay over the past 7 days.  Since I returned home I have been squirreling away boxes of all sizes and shapes against this eventuality.   In fact, I have a few that I have been carrying with me since we started our journey.  Unfortunately, everything does not fit in an USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box.....I wish they all did.......those flat rate boxes are the best deal since sliced bread!

Around 11:30 I took a break to take my daily bike ride through Fairmont Park and up to the summit of Rubidoux.....by the way, I need to make a correction to my prior posts where I have referred to the lake in Fairmont Park as Fairmont Lake....that is not its name.....its formal name is "Lake Evans".  After summiting I headed down the hill, and over to the Subway on University to acquire my daily footlong club sandwich, and then "home".  The ride was delightful as always.

After lunch I headed back out to the "garage" to finish boxing up all the bike parts.  I have also been selling off part of my modest watch collection, and have sold 4 of them so far on eBay......there is just not adequate room in the coach for my collection....it's taken me a while to get to the point where I was willing to part with them, and it is still difficult to pack them up and ship them off to new owners, but I am half way to my goal of selling 8 of them.....the last four will be the hardest for me to part with.

About mid afternoon I took a nap for an hour, then got ready for the BCS National Championship game between the Florida Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers.......it was what I always hope a championship game will be like.....decided in the last 60 seconds.  It seems that the Rose Bowl (this year's venue) always seems to generate this type of game!  The last one in the Rose Bowl between Texas Longhorns and USC Trojans came down to the last possession by Texas......I'm still getting over that loss.....:D

We had what I call a beautiful 360 degree sunset Monday night......enjoy!

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