Saturday, January 25, 2014

D minus 16 - Weekly weigh in

A week ago on the 18th I was at week later I am at 192.4!  Another 3 pounds in the lost, but not found department.  I was hoping to be at my interim goal of 190 by today's weigh in, but I've got to be happy about 3 more pounds lost in just a week.....just 2.4 more pounds to go.

Friday started out very slow.....I received my new Samsung Note 3 phone from Verizon on Wednesday, and had tried to activate it by just turning it on.....that is the way it is supposed to work, but for whatever reason it never works for me.  My record is intact....every single phone I have ever gotten I have either had to go into the Verizon store to get activated, or I have had to call the dreaded "611" number and talk with technical support to get the deed done.  Don't get me wrong here.....the technical support people always get the phone activated, and are always extremely helpful, and knowledgeable.  The problem is I always know setting up a new phone will take a big chunk of my day, and that is what happened once again.   From downloading all the odd little applications I like, many of which aid us in our travels, to getting the hotspot setup and working, to reconnecting our wireless HP printer with that new hotspot, etc., etc., etc.  It all takes time, and is rarely ever seamless.  I guess it is a necessary evil we must suffer through on occasion to have the advantages of this amazing technology, but I dread the loss of hours from my day.

The Samsung Note 3 - about 1/3 larger than my HTC Rezound....BUT lighter!

I did spend an hour, or so working on my friend, Mike's Trek bike, but didn't get nearly as far into it as I had wanted before I had to head over to Subway for my daily 12" fix.  By the way, I just downloaded a very cool app from Subway that allows you to order your sandwich online, pay for it online, and then just pick it up from the local cool is that?  I did not use it yesterday as I did not have enough time to learn how to use it, but it looks like a time waiting in line anymore!

Late in the afternoon I realized I had not mailed out the two Seiko Automatic watches that closed on eBay Wednesday.....can you believe I received over $310 for those two watches?  Those watches are one of the few investments I have made over the years that appreciated in basic investment philosophy, although not intentional, has been to buy high and sell  I originally paid less than $100 total for both watches.  I was hard to pack them up knowing I would never see them, or wear them again, but at least someone else will be able to enjoy them and wear them on a regular basis.  Now I am down to 3 working Seiko Automatics.  I have a fourth that needs the stem reattached, but I may save that one for parts for the other three.

I got back from the USPS about 4 and decided to squeeze in my bike hour until sunset!  I quickly changed into my riding clothes and took off.  I decided to change it up a little and headed directly for the Rubidoux summit.....I hadn't taken a shot at my old time of 22 minute 15 seconds for several weeks, and I felt strong, so I went for it.....I must report a new personal best....20 minutes, 54 seconds!  After summiting I finished by riding through Fairmont Park, around the lake, and home for a total mileage of 13.54 in 58 minutes.

Saturday is the annual fishing derby here at RJRP, and that means Saturday morning will be (is) even more iniquitous....we have to be at the Kiosk at 5:45 am as the gate opens at 6 am, and the derby begins promptly at 7 am.  We only have one more weekend of Kiosk duty after Sunday, so our time here is short.  

We were in bed by 9 pm Friday night.....thanks for stopping by!

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