Wednesday, January 8, 2014

D minus 33 - Boxing Day 2

Tuesday began with a spectacular sunrise which we witnessed as we strolled to the Kiosk at it turned out it was not a "red sky in the morning, sailor take warning" kind of another day in beautiful parkland.  Tuesday is our 6 hour shift day, so TLE came with me to open the Kiosk, but when it became apparent it would be a slow day she left about 7:30 promising to return around 10 am to take over the last 2 and a half hours of the shift.  Traffic was slow, consisting mainly of those wishing to purchasing fishing permits for the day.  I did take care of one couple who came in to buy an RV site for 2 nights.  

Just at 10 TLE arrived and sent me packing........first order of business was to get in my daily 12 mile bike ride, so I quickly changed into my riding clothes and headed out of the park on my usual loop.  Normally I like to mix it up and take different routes, but now that I am in my training/weight loss mode sticking to a routine works better for me.....I'm looking to burn at least 800-900 calories, and this route and distance works well to accomplish that end, plus there is plenty of climbing which will continue to add to my mountain bike conditioning.

The climb to the top of Mt. Rubidoux provided more great views, and this time I stopped at the top to take a couple of pictures......I have a hard time stopping.....I prefer to just keep going, but how many times can I pass this view without stopping to record it?

My time for the whole loop has stayed pretty consistently at 56-57 minutes and Tuesday was no different.

I needed to finish boxing up the wheelset from the Azonic bike to ship out, but needed a box large enough for that purpose so I headed over to Cyclery USA Riverside down on Magnolia near Van Buren to see if they could help me out.  You may recall that I visited their Rancho Cucamonga store a couple of weeks ago looking for a frame box for the last bike, and just like the Rancho staff the Riverside staff quickly found me a suitable box and I was on my way back home.  The box they provided was from a BMX bike they had just unpacked which requires some modification to keep the shipping cost box modification skills have improved significantly, and within about 20 minutes the altered box was ready for packing.

Once the wheelset was taken care of it was time to address all 16 boxes so I can take them to the local USPS office on Wednesday to ship them.  For those who may be wondering I specify in each of my auctions that I will ship the item within 3 business days of receiving confirmation of payment....a business day being defined as any day, other than a holiday, from Monday to Friday.

By the by.....on the way home from the bicycle shop I stopped off to buy my daily Subway footlong Club, which I did consume half of before I began to pack the wheelset.  Most Subway stores I have been to in the area, and there are numerous ones, have only been charging the advertised January promotional price of $5 for most footlong sandwhices, including my favorite Club, however, this shop on Van Buren does not include the Club among those receiving the discount.....technically they are correct, because the Club is not listed as one of the footlongs being sold for $5, but the other 3 shops I have visited have given me the discount without my asking for it.......I won't be visiting the Van Buren store anymore in January......:D

The afternoon flew by quickly and before I knew it the sunset was ushering in another evening.....can't believe one week of the New Year has already flown by.......making our time here in RJRP short now, and once again we will be saying our "until next times" and feeling that vague bittersweet feeling of ennui.  Leaving friends and family behind as we continue our nomadic wanderings is the downside to this life......I don't know any nomads who love saying "until next time", especially when "this time" has been so special.  I guess that is what keeps us moving toward the "until next time" with anticipation and excitement....awaiting to see what Lady Serendipity may have in mind for  that "next time".

We watched a new episode of NCIS....a "to be continued" episode, then a new show called "Intelligence", which seems interesting, and then "Person of Interest" before signing off for the day.

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