Thursday, January 9, 2014

D minus 32 - Foundering

Wednesday was pretty average......nice weather.....a nice bike ride.....a visit to the Post Office to ship out most of the eBay stuff I sold last week....another Subway footlong Club consumed....I could put a period at the end of this "run on" sentence and call it a day, and you would know exactly as much as I know about Wednesday.

 On days like these I am challenged to make not much sound interesting, and worth reading.  Even as I listen to the sound of the keys on my computer clicking as I press them to place individual letters on this screen that I hope will form words, sentences and paragraphs that will give you a sense of what our day was like, but I am foundering like a ship in a storm taking on water.....each word is a mind seems to be blank.  This does not happen often, and most times I can kind of power through the idea void and "it" will begin to flow, but not this morning.

Of course there was the 7 am call on my cell phone awakening me from a dream.....I know I am not normally still asleep at 7 am......of course, in my experience a phone call that wakes one up is rarely ever good news, right?  Usually these calls involve your misfortune, or the misfortune of someone else who may,or may not be close to you.   As it turned out the call was from Ranger Robyn advising Carolyn, paid staff, had called in sick.....not too surprising as she wasn't feeling well on Sunday.  Robyn wanted to know if one of us could take the 11:30 am to 5 pm shift in Carolyn's place.......see, I told you........rarely ever good news.........The Lovely Elaine quickly volunteered.  It was really the only option as I had to get my packages to the USPS for shipment.

Before TLE left for the Kiosk I dumped the black tank which was a little over 3/4's full, then I was off on my daily 12 mile bike ride.......I stopped off at Subway after summiting Mt. Rubidoux for my Club sandwich, which only cost me $5.  I decided to eat the first 6" there at the store before heading home.

Finally around 1 pm I headed off to the USPS to ship out most of the boxes.  I was able to process most of the boxes myself using the automated postal machine in the lobby, but the last three boxes were too big to put in the receptacle, so I needed to stand in line.  The clerk had a problem with 2 of my boxes, so I was only able to get the one with the wheelset shipped....I'll have to return Thursday after correcting the box issues.....nevertheless, most of the items are on their way to their buyers and should arrive at their destinations by Friday.....well, maybe those two boxes headed to Michigan may be delayed due to weather....we'll see.  It's interesting to note that almost all of the items for the first bike were bought by people living on the east coast, with several in Florida.....on this last bike 75% were bought by people living in the southwest, and west with the two Michigan boxes, and one going to New York being the exceptions.

I met our new neighbors, Peter and Jocelyn who just pulled into the site on our passenger side who happen to be from Port Townsend, of our favorite places.  They just retired, and are starting their full time adventure as of January 2nd.  We spent about 20 minutes talking about familiar places in Washington.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking apart the Trek Fuel 98 bike, and had it 95% done by the time TLE returned home from the Kiosk.  I'll finish up in the morning, then begin to list the parts on eBay once again.

The days are all beginning to blend one into another.....maybe that's why I had a hard time getting started this morning.......I think it is time we began to roll our wheels once again.....not long now....just 32 days.  As I lay in bed this morning, thinking about getting up, I realized our original plan was to be here in RJRP until January 15th....that is next Wednesday, which will mark 2 months since we arrived back in SoCal....that's the great thing about this can change your mind.

In the evening we watched the season opening episode for "Revolution" ......we both agree it is getting more and more convoluted by the episode.....there are so many story lines going right now my head is ready to explode......:D

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