Friday, January 17, 2014

D minus 24 - You only get one guess

No....I'm not going to tell you yet.....keep guessing.....

You will recall we had no Kiosk duty last Sunday because we had our day switched to Thursday to accommodate another camp host who was going on "vacation" this week, so Thursday saw us rising yet another morning at 5 am.  The problem (for me, not TLE) is I am not a switch body clock cannot go back and forth between 5 am and 7 am.....with so many 5 am wake up calls my body clock is now stuck on 5 am.  No, I don't get up at 5 on days when it is not required, but I am awake.  I usually get as far as 6 am when the coffee maker stops perking......then it is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that calls to me ever so sweetly......"....go ahead, get up.....something good is waiting for you....".  Her call is ever so seductive, and cannot be I get up.  And what greets me every single day (other than the wonderful coffee)?  Another clear blue sky day prefaced by the golden glow of a rising sun coming from the east.

We ambled over to the Kiosk at just after 6:30, and whilst TLE counted out the dinero for the cash drawer I did my duty and raised the three flags......there was not a breath of wind at seemed that our bothersome Santanas had returned to whence they came.  Okay, guessing time has expired......within 15 minutes the Santanas returned evidenced by the three flags flapping ferociously in the wind from the north.  I waited about 10 minutes to see if our tormentor would retreat, but it did not, so down came the flags.

The Santanas would prevail for the entire day with gusts up to 25 mph, which I am sure were not appreciated by the multitudinous fire fighters fighting fast moving fires in both Glendora and Azusa.  I know if you live out of state the news reports may make it appear that all of Southern California is ablaze, but that is not the case.....we are quite safe, and at least 25 miles from the nearest conflagration.

Our shift was from 6:30 to 12:30, but owing to it being the day before another trout stocking of the lakes, and the windy conditions it was quite unbusy in the Kiosk.  Around 11:30 I left to buy my footlong with TLE remaining behind to finish out the shift.  I was hoping the wind would abate so I could ride my bike, but it only got worse as the afternoon wore on.

Around 2 we drove into my son's office to retrieve some packages and mail and finalize the transfer of my insurance business to him, which technically happened on January 1st, and to return the signed purchase agreement to him.  It's hard to believe that after 42 years I am putting another part of my life behind me.....I am now officially 100% retired!

Around 7 the winds began to calm, and Mr. Santana once again retreated back up, and over Cajon Pass where we hope he will remain for the remainder of our stay at RJRP.

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