Sunday, January 5, 2014

D minus 36 - Baths, Bikes and Football

Since we returned to RJRP we have been trying to get our coach professionally washed, detailed and waxed, but one thing after another has conspired to prevent it from happening.....schedules, wind, rain, etc.  However, Saturday fate was not to be denied......all the stars had lined up allowing Tom and Carmello from Integrity Mobile Detailing to come and do what they used to do every 6 months prior to our departure on our quest for the endless summer.

Before TLE trundled off to the Kiosk for our 10 am assignment she helped me lower the patio and window awnings in preparation for the long awaited "bath".  The boys arrived around 10:45 and began to put a "smile" back on our baby.

While Tom and Carmello worked their magic I attempted to work some magic of my own on the beach cruiser type bike Mike and Terri had delivered to me the afternoon before.  Much to my surprise the bike was not in as bad a shape as it first appeared in the waning light of the Friday.  Mostly there was a small amount of rust on the chrome parts that I was able to wire brush off, then it was just a matter of removing the grime that had accumulated from it sitting outside the past 30 days.  Finally I had to remove the rear wheel to open up the hub and re-grease the bearings inside as they had all gone dry.  It's the first time I've had to reassemble a coaster brake hub in a long time, but it all went back together pretty quickly.  By 12:30 the bike was ready for human operation once again, and I would imagine Mike and/or Terri will stop by Sunday to retrieve it.  Mike has another bike he would like me to work on....yay!!  Carmello also has a bike he will bring by next week....double YAY!!

By this time Tom and Carmello were in the final phases of the wax job by this time, so I got dressed in my Kiosk regalia and headed off to assist TLE with her Kiosk duties instructing Tom and Carmello to stop by the Kiosk on their way out for payment.  Here is what we returned to after finishing our Kiosk duty at 2 pm.

I've done my best over the 22 months we were gone, but there is nothing like a good wash and wax job from Integrity.  If you live in the Inland Empire area give them a call (909-549-5843)!

Saturday was also the first day of NFL playoffs so you know what I did part of the afternoon and evening.  The first game began at 1:30 and featured the Indianopolis Colts hosting the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was like watching two the beginning of the 3rd quarter the Chiefs were ahead by 4 touchdowns....that's 28 points!  In one of the more miraculous comebacks ever the Colts overcame that deficit and won by just a single point.....45-44. The nightcap was equally close at the end, but there were never large deficits to overcome.  It was a low scoring affair in the first half ending with the Philadelphia Eagles up 7-6 over the visiting New Orleans Saints.  In the second half the lead changed hands several times, but ultimately the Saints kicked a field goal with 3 seconds remaining to win the game by 2 points.  I love close games!

That afternoon I found another bike on Craigslist to buy.  I had seen it a week, or so before, but I was already working on dismantling and selling the Azonic, so I did not pursue it.  Just on the off chance it was still for sale I e-mailed the owner and found that it was still for sale.  He lives up in Apple Valley (high desert) about 45 miles way, and I was still debating whether, or not to drive up there Sunday when he emailed back that he would be at Chapparal Motorcycles in San Bernardino at 6 pm, and would be happy to bring the bike down with him....well that is only 15 miles away, so I agreed.  The bike looked even better in person, and so I handed over the $350 we agreed on (he was asking $400 in the ad) and headed home with my new trophy.  I bought a bike almost identical to this one, but in very poor condition, a few about 2 years ago for $300 and tripled my money on it, which is why this one caught my attention immediately.

2001 Trek Fuel SLR full suspension bike....I should make my money back on the fork all by itself, but we shall see.

That pretty much wraps up Saturday.....thanks for stopping by!

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