Monday, January 20, 2014

D minus 21 - Ahhhhhh!

We were up way too late Saturday evening.......or Sunday morning as the case may be.....knowing we had to be UP at 5 to be at the Kiosk by 6:30......four and a half hours of sleep does not work for me on any level.....not even when I was younger.  It was as if I had just laid my head on the pillow for a short nap when my eyes opened at just 5 am.  As much as I like to say that every day feels like Saturday when you are retired, Sundays and Tuesdays DO NOT feel like Saturday when you have to get up at 5 am, even if you had the sense to go to bed early, let alone if you did not have good sense.  All that being said, I would not trade one second of the time I spent with my kids and friends Friday and Saturday nights.  Those memories will linger at the front of my thoughts for a long time.  It was precisely for those moments we came home for almost 3 months.

Kiosk duty went own as expected.......a nice sunny day, freshly stocked trout, and modest temperatures draw a lot of people into the park when the gates open at 7 am on a Sunday.  We were pretty busy for the first 90 minutes, then it began to slow down a little.  TLE let me off when Carolyn came on duty at 9 am, and she stayed until almost 10.....thank you honey!

By mid morning our kids were dropping by to say their "until next times", and by 11 my son was pulling out of site # was perfect having him, Rochelle and Christopher right next door the entire weekend.

Sunday the NFL held their two conference championship games.....the Broncos and Patriots were up first at Noon. I have made no secret about my interest in the success of the Broncos, and Peyton Manning.....I even have TLE on the bandwagon now.  We were both in our seats by Noon, and hardly budged for over 3 hours.  The Broncos played error free football and won on to the Super Bowl.  In the 3:30 game we had split loyalties....TLE was for the 49ers, and I was rooting for the Seahawks.....the 'Hawks held on to win a close one 23-17.

Needless to say there were no bike rides this weekend, and the diet was only partially adhered to, but it's all good....I will get to my goal of 190.....I am so close.

The rest of my bike items closed on eBay Sunday morning and the final numbers were pretty good....I spent $350 to acquire the Trek Fuel 98 full suspension bike, and took in $750 and change...more than double my investment.  Over all I've earned a profit of $1,020 in just a few weeks of doing something I like.  Now I'm looking for the "next" bike, and am hoping I can do at least 2 more bikes before we pull anchor.

In addition, over the next three weeks I will be finishing up some maintenance, upgrade, and repair projects on the coach, because once we start moving again, it will be difficult to these things done.

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