Saturday, January 4, 2014

D minus 37 - Weekly Weigh In

The good news, and there is only good news, is that I have been below 200 pounds for 5 consecutive days now....this morning's weigh in news.....197.0.  I have been there for 2 days now, but actually dipped down to 196.7 a few days ago.  I must attribute part of my success in staying below 200 pounds to having ridden my bike 6 out of the last 7 days.  TLE continues to lose weight, and has now passed the 11+ pound mark in weight lost.

On the eBay front my latest bike is doing great.  I spent $240 on the Azonic downhill bike, and so far have netted a $460 profit, with several items still being bid on....another $20 and I will have tripled my money!  

We had two cabins to clean Friday morning and headed out to take care of them by 9:45, and were done by 11:20.  I had intended to head out on my bike ride right after we returned from cabin cleaning, but I got up too early and was ready for a nap.  By the time I left to ride it was after 12:30 and I hadn't had lunch yet, so by the time I returned some 56 minutes later I was famished.  Even after wolfing down the 6" club I was still hungry and stayed that way all the way through dinner.  Fortunately I had plenty to occupy myself needing to pack up the wheelset from the last bike and get it in the mail before the USPS closed for the day.  Unfortunately, I did not have a box big enough for the two wheels so TLE and I headed off to find a bike shop with an appropriately sized box.  The first bike shop we went to, which I had frequented the last time we were living here, was out of business....not sure if they moved, or just didn't make it.  Since we were close to TJ's we headed there to buy some wine, and then up a few blocks to another bike shop called Pedals Bike Shop.  The owner said he didn't have any wheelset boxes, but he found a BMX bike frame box that I only needed to modify slightly to fit the wheelset!  This is a small, quaint bike shop, but the owner went out of his way to help me out, and I am appreciative.  I can see why the 16 reviewers on Yelp gives this shop 5 stars!

From there we headed directly home where now it was after 3 pm, giving me just under 2 hours to get the wheelset boxed up and over to the USPS.  While I was packing the wheelset our camphost friends Terri and Mike walked up with a beach cruiser they had recently acquired for Terri to ride to see if I would tune it up, and of course I told them I would love too.  Just like in Cedar Key last tuneups for friends are free, although I do accept beer, or wine in payment.......but only if you insist!

I got to the USPS just after 4 pm and took my place in a long line.....arriving at most post offices after 4 pm is a virtual guaranty of a substantial wait in line, and this day was no exception.  Fortunately the one and only employee on duty was very efficient, plus no one in line had anything too complicated.....a lot of money orders, which based on the area demographics is to be expected.  I had guestimated the weight of the box at 10 lbs, and it came in at 9 pounds, 8 ounces.  The USPS website said based on the weight and dimensions of the box it should cost exactly $17.39, and that is exactly what it!

There were two bowl games on tap for Friday evening....the first between Ohio State and Clemson ......I have never liked Ohio State going back to the Woody Hayes days when they seemed to be playing USC in the Rose Bowl every year, so I was, naturally,  for Clemson, and they managed to win 40-35.  The other game was between Oklahoma State and Mizzou, and Mizzou won a close one, not reflected in the score, 41-31.

TLE and I sat around the fire enjoying the balmy evening,.....I had the outdoor TV setup so I could check in on the Ohio/Clemson game from time to time.  TLE pulled out and lit a cigar  for me to enjoy with my single malt was a good evening to be sure.  We headed back in doors a little after 8 pm.

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