Monday, January 13, 2014

D minus 28 - Kiosk.....NOT, NFL......YEP!

Of course, no one loves getting up at 5 am more than I when there is a purpose.......Sunday is our normal Kiosk day here in RJRP....we open the Kiosk at 7 am.  So we dutifully got up Sunday morning at 5 am as we have done since we arrived back in November......neither of us had, apparently, checked the new schedule very carefully.  There was one deviation from our normal schedule and it was this week.......two camp hosts are taking a vacation this week, so Ranger Robyn gave them our Sunday opening in exchange for their Thursday opening.  It was such a small change, and only appears once so I guess I will forgive TLE for not noticing.....:D

Sitting watching the sun rise....wondering what to do with the extra time

Thankfully we discovered the aberration before we got dressed, and showed up for the wrong assignment, so not all was lost, but there I sat with nothing to do once I had finished my blog entry for Saturday, in which I alluded to this faux pas.  Around 7:30 I went out and thought I would wipe the night's moisture off the VW, but found the moisture was frozen, so no go there.  Then I ventured into the trailer thinking I would do a semi thorough cleaning of my road bike (Cannondale Bad Boy), but it was too cold, so, instead, I turned on the heater and went back inside to wait for a more hospitable was just too cold outside to do anything I wanted to do.

I remembered I had 7 more bike items to list on Ebay to finish off this current bike, so I got to work on the time I finished listing those last 7 items the ice was melting on the car, and it was warm enough to venture out to the trailer to clean my bike.....I put on some black latex gloves and got to work on the Beetle first, then headed into the trailer to give the Bad Boy a cleaning.

Eventually I settled in to watching the first NFL game of the day, San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers.  Both teams have good defenses, but on this day the 49ers defense prevailed only allowing the Panthers 10 points, and none in the 2nd half.  

The afternoon game (Chargers at Broncos) was the one I really wanted to watch but I didn't want to miss my Sunday bike ride, so I took off riding just as the first game ended knowing it normally takes me just over 50 minutes to finish the 12 mile loop.  Regrettably the Santanas have returned, and as I fought headwinds riding north on Crestmore I wondered at the wisdom of doing what I was doing.....instead of cruising along at the normal 13-14 miles an hour I was chugging along at 6-7 as the winds buffeted me to and fro.  I continued to battle the winds all around Fairmont Park, and up to the summit of Rubidoux, but frankly, the scariest part was on the descent......if I went to fast down hill the wind threatened to push me off the cliff, so I had to slow way down to avoid a mishap. I arrived back at the coach after a 62 minute ride....almost 10 minutes longer to complete the same circuit.

I missed the first Bronco touchdown, but was there with TLE watching every second of the rest of the game.  The Broncos held the Chargers to zero points in the first half, and led 17-0 as the 4th quarter began, but then the Chargers scored 2 touchdowns and a field goal in the 4th quarter.....the Broncos managed to score one touchdown in the fourth quarter, and that was the difference in the game.  So, it was a good weekend for me.....3 of the 4 teams I rooted for won their weekend there are two conference finals, then the Super Bowl.

That was our Saturday......well, except for this amazing sunset.....

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