Saturday, May 27, 2017

At last......


5:49 am - Saturday - 38º F, humidity 82%, wind 1 mph out of the northwest....sunny with a forecast high of 69º F.

Friday was our grand opening for the summer season, and Friday was also the day Tim and Laila would arrive for a 3 day stay.  As is my custom I began my day at 7:30 am......John, Greg and Neal arrived shortly thereafter, and after punching the time clock we all headed for the maintenance yard to begin our day.  I had a list of things to accomplish before 4 pm totally separate from the normal Ranger duties, so I assigned John to finish painting our white curbs, Neal to do site checks and Greg to check the sites of our 155 arrivals to be sure they were ready for occupancy.  I headed out to take care of the #1 item on my list.......deliver picnic tables to all the sites in Section A that needed them.  At the end of last season we had decided we were not going to stack all the picnic tables together in each section for the first time, but one of the maintenance guys did not get the message.  As a result all the portable picnic tables in Section A were stacked leaning against the restroom.  Distributing the tables one at a time using a golf cart took me until close to 10 am.

While this was in progress the guy from Alpine Refrigeration arrived to replaced the Ice House compressor which had bitten the dust in the 'off season' after 25 years of service........within an hour of installing it the Ice House temp was down to 32 degrees and ready for an ice shipment.  Unfortunately we did not know it would be fixed so quickly and missed our ordering window with the ice company, so we will not have ice to sell until after the Memorial Day weekend.......😒

Meanwhile, after a lot of treatment, the pool is ready for prime time......we had a lot of stains in the plaster from the winter, and it has taken a couple of weeks of treatment with chemicals to make them disappear, and disappear they have!

We were expecting Tim and Laila to arrive around 1 pm, but I got a call on my 2-way radio at 12:30 from TLE advising they had arrived so I dropped what I was doing and headed over to the office/store.  I took them over to our site, and showed them what we had done inside the trailer for them, and they loved it.  I left them to unpack, and set up their air mattress bed, and headed back to finish a few more things before I left for the day to spend time with my son and his fiance.  

TLE and I were back at our site by 3:15 where we spent time with Tim and Laila talking, and making plans for the weekend before we began our walk out to the front of TVC for the grand opening ceremony.....

.....we arrived just in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony and found about 50 people there including many of our seasonal staff members.....

Michael and Mary stretching the ribbon across the road

 The cutting of the ribbon......and we are off!

So, 'at last', the hard work of getting ready for the summer season has been completed, and it is now time to begin the real work of serving our customers for the next 3 months.  Once the ceremony was finished we continued our walk over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for a leisurely dinner with Tim and Laila.......

......we had a lovely time talking and catching up with their lives......Laila began a new job that is less than 10 miles from their home......she had been driving 90 minutes to work down in Orange County for a year, or so.  Tim has also had a new job offer for much more money, so their professional lives are taking shape with just four months until their wedding.  

On our way home we took them the long way back to our site to show them a great view of the Upper Truckee Meadows..... can see the water in the background that is currently flooding a big portion of the meadows, and helping nurture a population of mosquitoes that will begin to plague us shortly.

We spent the evening sitting around the fire talking, and just enjoying each other before calling it a day around should see the smile on my face this is so wonderful to have them here for a few days!

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