Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Winter Ranger.......


6:59 am - Sunday - 36º F, humidity 97%, wind 2 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover, raining....forecast high is 56º F for today.  It rained, and snowed beginning 1 pm yesterday until early 'am' this morning......

 How it looks Sunday morning

We reported for work Saturday at 7:30 am knowing it was going to begin raining (we had no idea it would snow at the time) by Noon, or earlier....for TLE that present no issues as she is working inside after all....for me it meant I had to get right to the outside work and get as much done as possible.  The only other ranger on duty was Mike, so I spent the first 40 minutes showing him how to do site checks, and then sent him off in the cart to take care of preparing all the sites for Saturday's arriving customers.  

Since I had no cart I spent most of the morning cleaning up the Electrical/Plumbing shed which entailed putting away tools, and throwing a lot of stuff away that was no longer usable.  I actually found a lot of hand tools 'squirreled' away in boxes here and there.  By 11:30 Mike was done with the 'arrival' sites, and brought the cart back.  In the mean time I started up our Ford F250 flat bed/dump truck which also has a snow plow blade on the front....I needed to learn how to use the dump part as I was going over to Section F to pick up all the lodge pole pines I had gathered (ones which had died last summer and been cut down) for the fence I am going to build in the Group Area.  Once Adam finished my short tutorial I was off to pick up the wood and then dump it in the group's really nice when you don't have to handle the same material twice......I only had to load it then use the dump to offload it.  By the time I finished it was 1:30 pm and beginning to drizzle so I returned the F250 to the maintenance yard, and picked up the Ranger Cart to deliver my tools back to my site before parking it for the day and clocking out at 2 pm.

I drove the VW back over about 3:30 to pick up TLE as it was now raining quite the time I got her home it had begun to snow.......

.....then it began to snow quite hard, and continued snowing until almost midnight......

.....the accumulation looks to be between 2 and 3"......we had to eventually rake the snow off the patio awning so we could stow it, otherwise we (I) would be forced to go outside repeatedly to continue raking the snow off it so it would not collapse.......I also lowered one of the sail sunshades as it was getting weighed down by a lot of snow......

Looks to be between 2 and 3"

......we had the bedroom and salon electric heaters going full blast while we were still up, and the heater in our water bay was also preventing anything from freezing down thankful for 50 amp electrical service right now!

I notified my 'Ranger Crew' via e-mail that we would not be working Sunday morning.....we'll have to see if the weather clears, and some of the snow melts to determine whether we do any work in the afternoon.  As I always tell're never very far away from winter at 6,300' elevation......especially in May......this is our fourth consecutive May at TVC, and it has snowed every May so far.....this, by far, is the heaviest snowfall of the four.

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  1. Hmm that snow does now look very inviting, but at least it will not stay, good thing.