Monday, May 1, 2017

"Other things......."


6:33 am - Monday - 33º F, humidity 88%, wind - CALM - clear blue skies once again....forecast high is 64º F.....warming up!  Woke up to a bear across the street at site 428.....not a full grown one by any means, but not a cub either......

Sunday was another day off for me, but at TLE's request I clocked in for 1 hour to run the first site checks of the season so we could identify any issues and begin to get them corrected.  By issues I mean a site might be occupied, but the occupant is not showing up in our computer registration system, or we show a site occupied in our computer, but no one is there, etc.  I went in about 11 am, ran site checks, reported my findings, and was back home by noon.  TLE was going to work from 10 am to 3 pm, so I had the place to myself to continue putting up our decorative lights, and "other things"......"other things" ended up dominating my afternoon.  

I went inside to turn on our XM Radio (I wanted to listen to the radio outside) which is plugged into a cigarette lighter splitter for power, and the splitter would not power up.  The three way splitter is hard wired into my 12 volt fuse panel so I checked the fuse to be sure it was okay, and it was.  Then I opened up the splitter to see if any wires had come loose, and they had not.  Then I checked to see of power was making it to the on/off switch and it was, but for some reason it was not passing through the switch to the individual sockets.......hmmm.....this is not a complicated resistors, circuit boards, diodes.......just a hot wire, and a ground wire and a simple on/off switch.  I have an extra switch, so I 'switched' them out, but continued to get the same power to the sockets.  I continued to fiddle with the splitter until I noticed it was now almost 2:30 pm......time flies whether, or not you're having a good I had just 30 minutes until TLE was home, and we had to drive down to the Costco in Carson City to pick up her new 'computer glasses' (she lost the other ones somewhere in the Newell, and they have not reappeared yet).  I put the splitter back together and it suddenly began to work again.....I have no idea what was wrong, or what I did to get it working again, but it was working again. 

It works again!

I had just begun to work on hanging the rest of the decorative lights when TLE arrived home, so I ran one more string before I changed clothes and joined TLE in the VW to drive down to Carson City.....we left about 3:20 pm, and were at the Costco by 4 pm.  We quickly picked up the 'computer glasses', then headed directly over to the local In-'N-Out Burger for a #2 combo (cheeseburger, fries and drink).....I hadn't eaten since about 10:30 am and now it was after 4:15.

Our drive home was uneventful, and we arrived back at the Newell by  5:45 where I spent another 30 minutes putting some more lights up before the cold chased me back inside for the evening.

Monday is employee orientation, and then we get busy getting TVC ready for the summer season......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Interesting how you can fix things and not know what you did to make them work again, has happened to me a few times as well.


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