Monday, May 15, 2017

Mimosas and Breakie.........


6:45 am - Monday - 31º F, humidity 94%, wind - CALM, sunny blue skies (so far) with a forecast high of 50º F......another chilly day in the offing.

Sunday was the second of 6 consecutive sub 60's chilly days in the 15 day forecast for SLT/TVC.  It was also our first day off in a while, and we managed to sleep in until after 7 am.  On cold mornings (under freezing) we typically 'rock' 3 electric heaters which warm the interior up quickly.  Two of the heaters are built-ins, and the third, which we use in the bathroom is a small portable heater, which works wonderfully.....

 The built-in 

The portable

.....the two built-in heaters are relatively new as I replaced them both (salon and bedroom) over the past 3 years, as well as the built-in electric heater in the water bay.  Using electric heaters safely is much more efficient and cost effective than using our propane heaters when we are 'plugged in', and they are much quieter.

We had a date with fellow seasonal workers John, Deb, Gordy and Carol for breakfast at Bert's Cafe at 9 am.......we first stopped off at John and Deb's TT for mimosas at 8:30, then we drove over to Bert's (just 1.5 blocks away) to have breakfast.  We had a lovely breakfast and conversation.....I had my usual.......Huevos Rancheros.....yum!  Normally we would walk, but it was about 31º F, and a little breezy.....easy choice for me to drive.  At any rate, TLE and I planned to do a little 'junking' after breakfast.....we hadn't visited our favorite SLT thrift stores this summer (other than Goodwill the day after we arrived), plus we needed to do a 'big' grocery shopping.  As it turned out only Goodwill and 'Tahoe Merchant' we open on a Sunday, so the others will have to wait.  I found an almost brand new 'Field and Stream' flannel shirt (blue) for $4.99 I could not live without at Goodwill, and two 9/16ths and two 11/16ths sockets which I use a lot here at TVC for $1.00 each.  We drove over to the El Dorado Beach end of town only to find our favorite thrift stores there were closed.....on the way back we stopped briefly at El Dorado Beach to take these pictures of Lake the distance you can see a rain squall coming across the lake.....


......after stopping at Smart & Final to do some grocery shopping we were back home relaxing a little after 1 pm.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing inside to stay warm, and around 4:30 pm we drove over to the store to great two more of our seasonal workers who arrived for their start date on Monday......Eric and Rosie, a 40 something couple.  We escorted them to their site, and got them settled in before heading back inside for the evening.  We got some brief snow showers for about an hour, but nothing stuck......thankfully!

We hope all of our readers had a memorable Mother's Day celebration......TLE heard from all 5 of our kids over the course of the day, and I called my mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful mother's day there. Love shopping at Goodwill , and especially deals like that on flannel shirts.


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