Friday, May 5, 2017

Lookin' good!


6:27 am - Friday - 53º F (yeah, it is that warm, but here comes winter again), 62% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the southwest......heavy cloud cover in advance of forecast rain for Saturday.  Forecast high for today is 65º F.

Thursday was our first day to begin work at 7:30 am, which means we are back on our old summer schedule.....for me that means getting up at 5:30 am to be ready to walk to the office/store with TLE at 7:20 am.  Getting up at 5:30 am would seem the be the antithesis of this retired/vagabond lifestyle, but that is the price you pay sometimes for a seasonal job.  TLE and I do it gladly just means we get off earlier in the afternoon.

It was refreshing, after our experience last summer, to find all of our employees scheduled for work there at the office waiting our arrival.....we had a serious issue with tardiness last summer, so this is a good sign of things to come.

The 'Ranger Crew' and I headed back out to Section G to finish it off before moving on to the Store/Office grounds.  Beginning the day we were about 80% done with G and by 10:30 am we had finished raking all the sites which could be raked.....about 10 are still buried in snow.  Art and I remained behind to begin picking up the piles of pine cones, and fill in a few holes while Neal and Greg moved over to the Store/Office to begin to begin raking up pine cones and needles, and there is a lot to do!

  Section G looking good!

We are still debating what to do with all the pine cones......last year we just dumped them in the dumpsters, but that filled them up too quickly, so this year we are going to try burning them, but I am dubious about that.  They take a long time to burn, and it would probably take one person working 8 hours a day about a month to burn them all, so Art and I came up with a new plan......we're going to use the flat bed dump truck in the maintenance yard to haul them out to the very back of the overflow area and dump them, then spread them out across the ground to decompose slowly over the next few years.  We can't just dump them in piles otherwise they will become a large compost pile which could catch on fire.

I decided to knock off an hour early to avoid getting totally wasted as I have been doing the past week, or so working 8 hours every 67 year old body is just not 'work hardened' yet.  I left Art in charge, and headed for home to change and finish getting my trailer setup for the summer.....that involved getting TLE's bike and the Cannondale tandem out and put together so I could get out my Black & Decker Workmate bench, and set up my bench grinder, as well as get the rest of my tools out for use this, have I acquired a lot of tools over the last two years!

TLE took Thursday off as she had worked 5 consecutive days, and a sixth day would mean overtime for the corporation.  She spent the day literally doing 'Spring Cleaning' in the Newell.....she found a lot of things in the storage area under the bed she had been looking for, and other things she and I forgot we had.....the things we forgot we had will probably be donated to a local thrift shop to find new homes....we, obviously, are not using things we forgot we had, and haven't seen for a couple of years.

Around 5 we walked over to Neal and Susan's coach for happy hour and spent about an hour talking and getting to know them, as well and Greg and Janette better.  The four of them worked at 'Campground by the Lake' the past couple of years, and are very happy for the change.   Neal and Susan had come by TVC late last summer to inquire about jobs and we are so glad they did!

We were home by 6 pm, and I was taking a long hot shower before dinner.  TLE made 'stir fry' for dinner, and it was delicious!  By the way, we have new TVC staff shirts.....they are really nice and the graphic is a carbon copy of our entrance sign to the campground.....

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  1. Sure is nice to have good staff, I had lotsa issues with that in my restaurant years ago.
    Yes you need to pace yourself a bit I would think, none of us are getting any younger.


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